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10 Reasons Ron Paul Should Speak at the GOP Convention

With the Republican National Committee finally conceding the fact that Congressman Ron Paul's name will indeed be on the ballot at the GOP convention in Tampa this August, the RNC is beginning to warm up to the Paul campaign.

There is no word yet on whether they will offer Paul a speaking slot at the convention, but if the last few days are any sign, chances may be high that Paul will be invited to the convention.

According to a recent USA Today story, the RNC and the Paul campaign "have been working closely over the past few months to work out logistics in order to include the Texas congressman and his supporters in the August convention in Tampa. 'They've just treated us like a friend and like a coalition,' said Jesse Benton, a spokesman for the Paul campaign. 'They have been honest brokers in working with us and treated us with respect.'"

This fair treatment of the Paul campaign — and by extension, his supporters — is a welcome change from the treatment that the RNC as well as state and local GOP parties have treated them since the 2012 Iowa Caucus (and even back to 2008). It is by now well known that Paul supporters, obeying the GOP's own rules at the delegate selection process, have been shunned, ignored, and even strongarmed for their refusal to rubber-stamp Mitt Romney.

Are the RNC and the GOP finally waking up to the significant sized dissent that is their own party? Inviting Paul to speak at the convention will likely answer that question. Only time will tell.

Here are 10 reasons why the Republicans would be foolish not to let Paul speak.


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Why do they keep linking to the July 17th article? I am a huge fan of Ben Swann but he is not a representative of the GOP party. As such, the GOP has not conceded Ron Paul will be on the ballot but Ben's analysis of the rules suggests that RP should be on the ballot. We know the real truth, the GOP is NOT warming up to the Paul people and are IN FACT actively trying to replace elected RP delegates as in Massachusettes, Iowa, etc. Furthermore, they offered RP a speaking slot if he agreed to many concessions which he was not ready to give up. Don't let your guard down my brothers.

They did offer him a speaking slot.

He turned it down because they told him what he could not say, so he declined.

The Romney campaign is going

The Romney campaign is going to want to read/edit RP's speech. I'd be surprised if RP agreed to that.