Ron Paul Front Page Boston Globe Story 9/27/07

This is a FRONT PAGE story (though it is below the fold) in today's Boston Globe - circulation ~ 450,000 - written by Lisa Wangsness. It is a great story, and also mentions me and the Daily Paul! But what is really great is that it accurately depicts what is going on. Boston is a very liberal town - and the article showcases how many people - and especially Democrats and former Democrats - support Ron Paul simply because we're tired of voting for the "lesser of two evils." Great story. Thank you Lisa!

Read it here: Ron Paul in the Boston Globe - Paul's Their All

You may have to sign in to get to the story (I did) - it only takes a second - two short screens of data to fill out. So hit the story - forward it around - they're tracking this, no doubt. And the Globe is owned by the NY Times - if they see some positive feedback, maybe the Times will pick the story up, or run its own.


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-- give thanks --

if you are so inclined, you may wish to express your gratitude and encouragement to the author, Lisa Wangsness:

No such thing as "bad

No such thing as "bad publicity" at this level.
At least they're not ignoring him (anyway they really can't ignore him any more).
This is gonna be a great weekend for the campaign
Go Ron!

"The essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government". ~ Founding Fathers

Absolutely disagree

No such thing as "bad publicity" at this level.

When you're talking about first impressions in politics, there is most definitely such a thing as "bad publicity" and Dr. Paul is getting a lot of it. This is doubly true when the criticisms are coming from fellow "conservatives".

no less biased/positive than other articles

Mentioning government conspiracy theories and crap to boot. This is hardly good press.

"Paul's supporters also share an idealistic, if naive, conviction that if this obscure 72-year-old iconoclast could somehow win the presidency, he could usher in a new golden age of liberty in America."

More bad press, gallup polls mentioned, this is just a copy of other ron paul article, and hardly a work of artistic journalism.

"Rudy Giuliani berated Paul, to huge applause, but Paul refused to back down."

It didn't mention RP's applause when he shot back.


i understand balking at another piece that brings up the buzzwords such as "conspiracy theories," but the story was remarkably balanced by the fact that quotes were cited from supporters, not the rivals. these quotes, along with statements like: "...uncompromising stands...," and "...campaigns that sparked excitement..." would lead a thoughtful person to want to know more. the inclusion of the gallup poll data is frustrating, but it is the current state of the media's effort to promote the boys they favor getting press time.

it's important to realize that the author was likely not writing a campaign piece, but trying to give a slice of the state of the race for '08. i think the enthusiasm and sincerity of those she interviewed came through.


The media finally going to take notice!!!
Fund raising as we have witnessed online should be nightly news material.
Good job Boston Globe for the story!

Please email your "thank you"

As I said in another place on the site here, we need to email Lisa and thank her for what was a relatively unbiased piece of journalism. As compared to the picture some would paint of Rudy's Ferry experience this past weekend, let Lisa and the Globe see how POLITE and APPRECIATIVE Ron Paul supporters can be when given a fair shake :-)

In the words of a very wise man (Jesus), "Whoever is not 'against' us is 'for' us." And in the words of the Proverbs, "If a person wants friends, they must show themselves friendly." Time to show 'em our 'friendly" side :-)

/agree !

My "Thank You" you e-mail sent , the more they get the better we look!

"Great Men Do Not Seek Power, They Have Great Power Thrust Upon Them"

LOL... what did you just say??

My "Thank You" you e-mail sent , the more they get the better we look!


The last part is understandable, but that first part... wow. Been staring too long at the fundraising thermometer? :-D

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

not ubiased at all

same as others, but she threw on extra dirt. look at my other response.

Agree wholeheartedly

Great advice

Nice story !

Others can quibble about the language and what was included, or not included, but I thought it was pretty good for a mainstream paper.

What one must bear in mind is that the story Lisa submitted and the story the editors ran are probably quite different. Welcome to publishing.

I emailed Lisa Wangsness this message:

Dear Ms. Wangsness,

Thank you for the informative article about Dr. Paul. We supporters like to think that the national polls (e.g. Gallup) don't tell the real story for a variety of reasons, which have been addressed many times in articles and blogs about the campaign (e.g. land lines, first-time voters, etc.). Even previous recent Presidents have gone on to win after having polling numbers like RP's at about this stage in the campaign.

So, we have hope, regardless of the mantras of "small groups of supporters" and "longshot candidate" which we continue to be inundated with from the mainstream media. Indeed, probably ALL of us think that Dr. Paul's ideas are the only hope for America.

If you want to do a follow-up piece, a likely subject would be about the latest fund-raising effort which is now going on at, to bolster the coffers in the 3rd quarter. This effort, with a goal of $500,000, was begun a week or so ago (21st?). On the site, an up-to-the-minute calculation is displayed. As I write this, the number is $462,508 and counting, with 3 1/2 days to go. Yesterday at about this time the number was $350,000. According to campaign headquarters, most contributions are in the range of $25-50. I think the total 3rd quarter numbers will be published in the first or second week of October, but I am not certain. However, here is your opp to get the scoop.

Thanks again,

A Loyal Supporter of Ron Paul and the U.S. Constitution
Stop the War!

Missing the Point

You guys are bringing people together; tsk, tsk.

Every good neocon (and neocons are awesome) knows that you drive wedges between people and try to make each group as apathetic as possible. Therefore, you can win elections with just one solid voting bloc.

Get with the program. The neocon program.

Much respect to this author for making sure everyone knows that the Ron Paul group is "small, but" because this is how we turn people off of you.

For a peek at neocon brilliance, google: "Ron Paul" "small, but"

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them see their families?"

Neocon F. Dweeb

"You guys are disgusting doing what you are doing. Where is your patriotism? How are you supposed to support troops when they are home? Do you want to make them hug their families, now?"

Neocon F. Dweeb


Quotes from Michael who so graciously allows me to blog on this wonderful site and Tom who has worked so hard as first leader of my primary Meetup group and now as our statewide Meetup coordinator. All I can say is that our grassroots movement is progressing. This is a very positive sign in my opinion.

There are a lot of good Americans out there who support Ron Paul and liberty. We may not agree on all of the secondary issues, but we agree on the important ones. I am proud to be associated with all Ron Paul supporters in my small way.


I'm really getting sick of the snide comments in these articles. Front page? It's not supposed to be opinion, jerks. Why don't you let us decide whether he is a "longshot" or that our support will be an "unlikely fuel". Also, stop painting him as some frail old man - he's probably healthier than you.

(btw the yous are targeted the article authors, obviously)

Always a longshot

Yes, I agree. We all appreciate the coverage, but I have not read one article, and I've read many, that doesn't portray Ron Paul as a longshot. This is an attempt at brainwashing the public that he has no chance, although a respectable effort. Bull crap....he has a great chance (only subject to voting machines and delegates) and strongly believe he is a frontrunner as most of his supporters do.

If the articles took into consideration his major tv polling after debates, the many winning straw polls, the donations and tremendous grass roots efforts, he is not only a frontrunner, he is THE FRONTRUNNER!

They base their comments on polls they know are fraudelent. Granted, he is still not a household name in many parts, but for those who plan on voitng, he has very strong support. Let's keep working until everyone knows he's the man.

A side note: there is only one thing that bothered me about Ron's interviews with the many that ask him what he'll do if he loses the election, etc. and you're not likely to ....... I would like him to reply: I don't plan on losing as I can't let the people of America down.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

Let's be honest

I have not read one article, and I've read many, that doesn't portray Ron Paul as a longshot. This is an attempt at brainwashing the public that he has no chance

I completely agree with this sentiment...

he is not only a frontrunner, he is THE FRONTRUNNER!

...but I think we really need to stop this rhetoric. It makes us seem unrealistic and naive to the mainstream and whether we like it or not, we need to put our best face towards the mainstream. That means rigorous intellectual honesty. We shouldn't make claims unless they can be unequivocally demonstrated. In this case, the bottom line is that Dr. Paul would lose if the election were held tomorrow. Why do I say that? You've already answered that...

he is still not a household name in many parts

Hence, he's not the front-runner. Is that a reason to belittle or dismiss him? Heck no! But it does mean we have our work cut out for us. We need to get voter lists from each state's GOP office and pass out literature to everyone that votes in primaries.

If we lose because America wants big government, so be it. There's nothing we can do to overcome that in the short-term. But it would be an absolute shame if we lose because offline supporters of small government didn't understand Dr. Paul's beliefs.

Agree/disagree Jeffmolby

It depends on what the definition of a frontrunner is Jeff. He does not have to be known by all to win a primary as only the very loyal voter votes in that....and we have a lot of loyals. Agreed: we need many more to insure.

As for "rhetoric", nothing is further from the truth. I have pointed out with the straw polls and other indicators, that he is a frontrunner. Americans want to associate with a winner, so not to say that he is so is continuing to suggest that his chances are limited and that's not what will help him. Unfortunately, many people are brainwashed into the idea that they won't vote for someone if they can't win.

People, unfortunately, are often followers and often want to do what "everyone else" is doing. Tattoos were generally never considered overly attractive before, but now many have them because "everyone else" is doing it. We need to let people know that he has an excellet chance.

Instead of the "Who is Ron Paul" t-shirt, I'd like to now see it replaced with: "Voting for Ron Paul - Everyone's doing it!"

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

Talk about the trends

I have pointed out with the straw polls and other indicators, that he is a frontrunner. Americans want to associate with a winner

Yes, but you can't stop them from noticing that he's polling at 4% and you're never going to convince them that his real support is higher. It doesn't matter if you're right; you don't have the credibility to convince anyone of it. So instead...

Americans want to associate with a winner

...focus on the trends because Americans also love a feisty underdog.

Show them that in March, he was literally polling at 0%. Then in May, he finally started to register and earned an asterisk. Since then, his support has doubled every 6 weeks.

Show them that his contributions double every quarter. Show them that pulled in $500k in 80 hours.

Show them that he's done all that while hoarding his money. So how'd he manage to grow so fast? Because he has truly passionate grassroots supporters. Then talk about what you've personally done to help the campaign and what impact that's had.

Do the above with a smile on your face and passion in your voice and no one will dismiss him as an also-ran. All we have to do is show how he's not like the second-tier candidates who are all running on fumes. If you make that disassociation, which is incredibly easy to demonstrate, the association with the front-runners will come naturally.


I wouldn't call Dr. Paul the frontrunner at this point. But I am very encouraged by some of the signs that I'm seeing. The enthusiasm of his supporters, the slow but steady increase in attention from the main stream media and the good news concerning fundraising all are giving me reason to be optimistic. What worries me though is the fact that although 70% of America wants an end to the war, the majority of Republicans who have historically voted in the primaries in the past still support this fiasco. I think most of those are so stubborn that they don't want to admit they were wrong all along and they don't care how many lives or dollars are wasted. It's still "stay the course" for them.

A good thing is that since the rest of the GOP field is pandering to those folks they will split the vote. So we have to work hard and mobilize Dr. Paul's supporters and make sure we all get out and vote in the primaries. If we can get an early win it should snowball and lead to more success.

All I want is liberty and justice for all. We don't have that in this country today. But if we can elect Ron Paul as our next president we'll take a huge step towards making that a reality instead of a dream.

Kudos to Boston Globe - Where was the Chicago Tribune???

This article is wonderful and quite accurate. I sent a nice reply to the author. It is truly astounding that this woman traveled to Chicago and attended the recent rally and publicity drive in order to write this piece, while virtually all media outlets in Chicago ignored this event. I was so dismayed at their blackout, but this gives me hope!

I sent a nice note to Lisa

I sent a nice note to Lisa as well. This piece only makes the Chicago media look bad for ignoring the biggest story in politics today. She should have balanced her "long shot" statement with "however he has won more straw polls than any other candidate besides Fred Thompson and his fund raising is doing very well". I did appreciate that Lisa made a half-hearted effort to explain that the polls only reflect the opinion of "likely republican voters" which means about 25% of Ron's support.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson