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All the birds are dead.

All the birds are dead, some sick twisted person killed them all is all I can guess, because I don't see any birds anymore. Do you?

I only see turtle doves, squirrels, and chipmunks. Everything else is gone. I looked on the internet, there was a report of mass killings of birds in Millville in southern N.J., I live in central N.J. by the shore. The story they released says a farmer was allowed to purposely poison birds on his farm down there, whether this story is true I have no idea, there are no farms around my area.

Do any of you see birds? If you have the time can you take a couple slices of bread, break them into small pieces, and put them out in your yard where you can see them from inside and see if any birds come and eat them.

If you see birds where you live report it here with the area you live in. If you don't see any birds please do the same. I'm trying to find out how wide spread this is.

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I wish all the grackles would

I wish all the grackles would die. The cockroach of birds.

If you are noticing an absence

of birds from your feeder you might consider staking out the area for a bit. I've found cats to be a particular problem and also hawks are known for watching my bird feeders. I've been startled by a huge shadow passing past my front picture window and as I turned I could see a puff of feathers and a large red tailed hawk cruising away with a song bird in his talons. I've also witnessed how fast a Peregrine Falcon can clear out an area of pigeons just by flying over the area. Birds are not stupid and quickly move on if they perceive a threat, at least the survivors do. If you do determine the problem is a cat that has staked his claim on your area I'd suggest removing or restricting access to any type of cover it is utilizing. I had to place a small garden fence around some hedges that a few cats were using as cover near my feeder. If it's a hawk, cie la vie. A good sign of hawks or falcons being in the area is finding decapitated birds, they sometimes strike with such force they literally pop the heads off of their prey and they occasionally are startled by something and drop them before they can retreat to a safe area to feed.

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A lot of them Migrate

Do you live South? They might have gone north for the Summer?



Plenty of birds in Eastern CT

Turkeys, cardinals, jays, towhees, hummingbirds, catbirds, robins, finches, wrens, chickadee-dee-dees, and more!

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

90% of all species that have

90% of all species that have ever lived on this planet are now extinct.

That Includes Paulites...

If Romney and Obama had thier way we would be extinct as well. However I usually beat the odds.

Seagulls, chickadees and

Seagulls, chickadees and crows are doing fine here in southern coastal Maine.

When I pulled out in front of

When I pulled out in front of that truck I seen a bird... Oh you mean feathered...

Millions of birds around here... In fact a bat flew into my car two nights ago (about a mile from the house). When I got home he was still on the front bumper. I used a broom and dust pan to scoop him up and he woke (one unhappy bat) I let him go in the front yard and have not seen him since.

Um, like you said. He meant "feathered."

Bats aren't birds, and they don't have feathers. They're mammals. Anyway, glad he woke up. Bats are pollinators - a problem these days as honeybees are dying out. They also help to keep the mosquito population under control.

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Yep hair.... like I said

Yep hair.... like I said millions of birds... Huge flocks everywhere.

Some people actually voted

Some people actually voted this thread down? Might I ask, what mentality does one have to vote down a report like this, what if this was the start of some terrible attack on living creatures in this country. Wouldn't you like to know, wouldn't you like an early warning that such an event is taking place, or do you think voting it down will make it all go away. I found what was happening very strange and unusual since I pay attention to these birds every day, I thought others might want to note my observations, excuse me if you don't find the wild life disappearing as being note worthy. I hope if others experience this same observation that they would notify others like myself so we can be aware of incidents like this in case there is a serious threat to human life.

If you have birds where you live, great, but what if all those birds weren't there tomorrow. Would things be great then. That's the reality I've been living the past few days. Imagine if this became your reality. That's why I made this post.

Lol, yah, who would downvote

Lol, yah, who would downvote a crazy guy going on about how all the birds in the world are dead when I can see them out my window en masse?

Seriously though, this may or may not be a real problem, but this is still a terrible thread by any standards.

I didn't state all the birds

I didn't state all the birds in world were dead, I only stated the birds in my area were dead, my post was to inquire whether the birds were dead or missing elsewhere since I'm not where you live. And because I inquire about this unusual event you consider me a crazy guy? I suppose you think Ron Paul is a crazy guy because of the things he observes, the media accused him of being crazy for the things he says, perhaps we should down vote Ron Paul's observations since many people don't see what he see's.

Will you be laughing when you look out your window and see no birds. Should we call you crazy when you tell us there are no birds where you live. I suppose I could take video and show you THERE ARE NO BIRDS where I live. But even then some one will still claim the video means nothing which is why I won't bother. If you can laugh at this I wonder what event it would take to make you not laugh.

You are correct

many species are in decline. Multiple factors at work including the fact that a lot of birds summer here and winter in Central and South America. Their habitats are under major attack year round.

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Lots of birds here in Portland, OR.

I was out kayaking last weekend and saw a couple of bald eagles, what I think were cranes, and lots of ducks and geese. No problems here :)

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Not all dead, but on a horrible decline

They are not all dead, but bird populations have been steadily declining. Some species by as much as 80%

You can read about it from a relatively reliable source here:

They have some fancy reports...trend analysis, and an interesting article from the New York Times (millions of birds missing...) http://web4.audubon.org/news/CBID_NYTimes.html

So yeah...what can one say.

Um...is there a point to this?

Heres a idea. Can you go buy fried chicken? If so, I guess you are wrong.

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deacon's picture

if the chicken is fried

then isn't it also dead?
so do we have another dead bird story?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Lol, truth.

Lol, truth.

TONS of birds here

in Northern NJ.

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lots of humming birds in CA


They are spraying Dallas today for West Nile virus mosquitos

Maybe folks from Dallas can give a report tomorrow. They are spraying the chemical, "DUET".

I have lots and lots of birds

I have lots and lots of birds here - Burlington, NJ. All different types, too. Blue Jays, Robins, Cardinals, Gold Finch, Nuthatch, assorted wood peckers, hummingbirds, morning doves, warblers - you name it. I have not noticed anything odd. Of course I am on the western side of the state.

These are the same birds I

These are the same birds I would normally see every day. I feed them bird seed in my back yard. I noticed all these birds missing about 4 to 5 days ago. I've only seen one red cardinal two days ago.

I use 4 different birds seed brands because I also include peanuts and sunflower seeds. I checked the internet for any poison bird seed and the only match to my brands was Scott's bird seed put out by Monsanto which recently settled for putting poison in their bird food which they knew killed birds. Had I had known I wouldn't have bought the brand, I've stopped using it since, it's heavy in corn pieces which is why I bought it. I don't think it was my feed because some birds from the surrounding area would still show up for the first time, I'm seeing none, other than the doves which only eat particular seed. I have no idea what's going on. It's good to hear there are birds somewhere in N.J. They definitely aren't here anymore because I don't see or hear them anywhere.

If there is truly a decline in the bird population, it can......

be attributed to one only thing. They (Big Brother) have been spraying our skies 24 hours a day since 1997. I took my first and only photographs in the summer of 1997 in Ocean City, Maryland.

Between chemtrails and GMO's

Between chemtrails and GMO's we're already screwed.

Lots of birds in Pa, they

Lots of birds in Pa, they love my sunflowers and grapevines.

No birds here. At my desk,

No birds here.
At my desk, Home.

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Plenty of birds here

In beautiful NW Montana

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