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Just Sent $3 to Obama Campaign

Since participating at the Republican caucus, I've been added to Mitt Romney's mailing list multiple times. Nearly weekly I'm shipped a large package with a glossy 8x10 photo of Mitt by a barn. Yesterday I received the same Romney mail three times in the same day's mail. I must be costing the campaign $10/week or more.

So out of sense of fairness, I've opted into the BHO campaign too. I'm already being shipped a bumper sticker. Why should only Romney have his stuff sent to landfill?

Obviously, it is my sense of political helplessness that has driven me to such petty actions.

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Haha I did the same thing

Haha I did the same thing

Ventura 2012

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Follow up: Mission largely a failure

Almost two months later I finally received my first two BHO stickers, and that's it! I thought for sure I would be inundated, but the campaign was very, very slow to get me some mail to trash.

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Thanks. I was really needing a good laugh.

I was thinking I might donate

I was thinking I might donate to both Obama and Romney, from here in New Zealand. Then send the receipts to Ben Swann.

Hmm. This makes me put

Hmm. This makes me put together an obama bumper sticker and a romney bumper sticker so that it says "Rombama" or "Obamney", or even better the halves f their faces put together. This is brilliant. Im doing it!

You should put both the Romney AND Obama stickers on the car

People following you will be like...whoaaaaa...this dude is crazy.

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With their names you can also spell

With their names you can also spell :

"Yea, Roman Mob."

or even :

"Ra ! Obey Mamon !"

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they will just think "oh another liberal"

Put your Romney bumper sticker...

...on your bumper upside-down! This will be a clear sign for everyone of him flip-flopping!

For "Hope n' Change's" Sake.....

I hope it was one of those Clinton 3 dollar bills :)


On another note, there is a VERY IMPORTANT THREAD that is very underated and the message must get out ASAP, See the video:


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What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

You're just bringing his

You're just bringing his donation average down. They have so much of other people's money to spend on this election that you could waste his bumper stickers for the next decade and it won't matter.

Obama Does Not Need $3

Obama needs the Lord


Romney isn't bothering me anymore.

Not since I started answering his poll questions with "Very Unlikely" to recommend him to friends.

And not since I started sending him Ron Paul bumper stickers when he requests donations.

You got that goofy "barn" photo too?

It amazes me sometimes how self-important an a-hole like Romney really is.

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Isn't that weird?

What kind of narcissistic ego maniac sends everybody a giant photo of himself? Am I supposed to frame it and put it on the mantle?

Not to mention the largeness of the package. Or the fact that he could've printed, i dunno, POLICY or something to send instead.

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Now I understand. But these crooks, Obama and Romney, have these bankers backing them, the bankers just have the fed print as much money as they need.

They both have huge so called "conventions" coming up, at appox $18 million each, when they have already each been declared the "candidate."

I am so tired of trying to deal with the stupid Americans who do not want to wake up and see how they are being destroyed.

I'm getting the Romney mail

I just do not understand the Obama thing you are talking about. I'm really thinking of taking my Romney envelopes and sending them Ron Paul or nothing. I'm not sending Obama or Romney any money.

If you want to donate, donate to the Ron Paul delegates.

The Romney mail has been

The Romney mail has been great to line the catbox. Absorbs urine well

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Oh my... Eventually stumbled

Oh my...

Eventually stumbled upon your post's ... headline.

You challenged my emotion, sir.

"lol" ... thank God, your post has a body text.

Phew! :)

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Daring idea:

1)Sign up to get junk mail from every politician who wants your vote
2)Get the largest mailbox you can find
3)Build a rocket mass stove or three
4)Burn the copious mailings full of futile pleas for your time and money, in order to heat your home

I use monopoly money with

Ron Paul's pic on it and send it back saying thanks for voting Ron Paul.

Keepin' it real.

I think it would be more appropriate

to send monopoly money with Bernanke's face on it, and give them a gold coin with Ron Paul's face on it... well I guess that would cost far too much. Maybe a gold coin of Ron Paul should be made anyway? I would buy one.

Gold Ron Paul rounds

Hey MT,
I believe Provident Metals and APMEX sell gold Ron Paul rounds, including fractional rounds. You should check them out, they look pretty sweet.

E Pluribus Unum

Hilarious!!! I just sent Paul Ryan's request for money back...

...to him in his own poatage paid envelope along with this statement:
August 4, 2012
Dear Mr. Ryan,

To begin with, it’s an utter shame that I have to write this letter to someone who calls himself a Republican.

You dare to send me a request for donations, while you dare to call yourself a CONSERVATIVE. But let’s consider some FACTS about the Ryan Plan:

YOU are advocating reforming Social Security by RAISING the eligible age, RAISING the payroll deduction taxes and by MEANS TESTING.

And yet YOU support giving away billions upon billions of U.S. dollars in FOREIGN AID!

Mr. Ryan, HOW DARE you TOUCH the programs which YOU and the U.S. government have forced US to pay into ALL OUR LIVES, BEFORE YOU END EVERY PENNY OF U.S. FOREIGN AID???

I am including the top 25 Recipients of U.S. Foreign Aid (fiscal year 2010) with this letter.

After you see these figures, then please tell me Mr. Ryan, how you can justify “reforming” even ONE AMERICAN PROGRAM, WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A MENTION of the untold BILLIONS of DOLLARS which WE, the citizens of the UNITED STATES, are FORCED TO GIVE AWAY EVERY YEAR to foreign nations by YOU and the rest of Congress???

Do you consider this a CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLE?

NOWHERE in the U.S. Constitution - WHICH YOU TOOK AN OATH TO UPHOLD - does it authorize you to take ONE PENNY from the American taxpayer, and re-distribute it (in the name of charity or anything else), to ANY FOREIGN NATION. Our founders would be INCENSED.

Until you understand the concept of a TRUE Republican form of government, and Constitutional-Conservatism, PLEASE DO NOT send me any more requests for donations.

I already give PLENTY of my money to you through TAXATION. I KNOW how much a U.S. Congressman makes every year, and I already PAY YOUR WAGE.

Perhaps you should follow what one of your colleagues in the House does each year with most of his congressional wage; Congressman Ron Paul returns $100,000 each year to the U.S.Treasury.

I suggest you listen to, and learn from, Congressman Paul and he can help straighten you out on many of the issues regarding Liberty, Freedom and AMERICAN SOVERIGNTY.

Regards, Paul B (A true Constitutional-Conservative Republican in the style of Congressman Ron Paul)

Seattle, WA USA

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

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That's got to be one of the

That's got to be one of the top responses I've ever seen- excellent job :)

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

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What a great response!

Thanks for sharing it. :)

You should copy this to a separate thread

so it gets more attention.

I would love to use it as one of my blog posts. I would credit you.
Can I?
Tell of any amendments you would like to see and what if any accreditation.

The list of foreign aid which you mention, would be useful.
Do you have the amounts for each country as well?

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my mitt mail gets sent back

my mitt mail gets sent back return to sender with a big Ron Paul 2012 on it...

The barn must belong to

The barn must belong to Stericycle.