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Just Sent $3 to Obama Campaign

Since participating at the Republican caucus, I've been added to Mitt Romney's mailing list multiple times. Nearly weekly I'm shipped a large package with a glossy 8x10 photo of Mitt by a barn. Yesterday I received the same Romney mail three times in the same day's mail. I must be costing the campaign $10/week or more.

So out of sense of fairness, I've opted into the BHO campaign too. I'm already being shipped a bumper sticker. Why should only Romney have his stuff sent to landfill?

Obviously, it is my sense of political helplessness that has driven me to such petty actions.

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I've Gotten That Same Package

Makes me wonder, did Romney pay to have a barn brought to MA for the photo shoot?

When I get Mitt mail

if the envelope is pre-paid I send it back with a very short note inside that says: The “voting the lesser of two evils” is a failed policy and I can not pass off to the next generations this debt and look them in the eye and say it is not my fault, I voted. It is our fault as we gave up on principles and allowed ourselves to be lulled into their game. I for one will no longer do that. I will vote, but it will not be for Romeny or Obama.

That is all I put. I am sure they get all kinds of crap, so I keep it short and sweet and hope if even just one person thinks about it, it is a start. No doubt it goes quickly in the garbage.

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Fill with pebbles/pennies

If the envelope is labeled "postage paid by sender", I'll pack it full of heavy junk to increase the return costs.

I haven't done this for Mitt or BHO yet, I'll have to open more of the packages and get the envelope.

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I am still in stitches from this comment.

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Do what we do:

Inside every envelope from the Romney people is a postage-paid return envelope.

We stick Ron Paul stickers on the outside of it, and drop a couple of cards inside, and drop it back into the mailbox. Fun!

I wish the Romney campaign

I wish the Romney campaign would actually try to use their money for a good purpose...

Mailing out this DVD to all voters in swing states:

All of my Romney mail gets

All of my Romney mail gets marked with RETURN TO SENDER. :)

you sneaky monkey!!!

totally goon lol! you know how to play the game my friend. I saw this page as i was scrolling around and i was like, "da f***?" then i read the post. This is front page SH*T! imagine if every Ron Paul supporter did this!

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Petty sure, but fair and balanced

: )

unlike Faux News.

unlike Faux News.


And I think it costs them more than $3 to process the donation, so you actually made them lose money!

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Yuo are quite right....

... my mailbox is flooded with Romney material. It goes into the recycling bin, unopened.

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Yep, two pieces today are

Yep, two pieces today are staring up at me, unopened in my recycling bin...wait they joined two from yesterday, so that' makes 4. 8 Mitt Romney eyes stating up at me along with that smarmy, enigmatic smile. Yech! One of the pitfalls of registering Republican to vote for RP in the primary.

Primaries...what a total JOKE on the American people...but not a funny joke.

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