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Federal Court Rules Utah’s Anti-Hair Braiding Law Unconstitutional

I wonder how long the court had to deliberate over this incredibly important case? People say that the government is becoming too involved with every aspect of our lives. You know...I just don't see it. Instead of the Audit the Fed bill getting a thumbs up thumbs down vote...maybe something as important as hair braiding could have gotten one.

With so many unconstitutional laws being violated by the criminals in charge of our country...THIS is the kind of thing we get to celebrate? Kind of makes me think TPTB don't really care about the NDAA or massive financial fraud...but at least we can now put to rest this whole hair braiding controversy.

Jestina Sunkarie Bangura-Clayton has won her legal case against the state of Utah, which tried to force her to obtain a cosmetology license for her hair-weaving business.

Clayton’s part-time work came to a halt in 2009 after state officials told her she needed a cosmetology license to charge for African hair braiding. The refugee from Sierra Leone objected, arguing that the license would have required her to spend 2,000 hours and thousands of dollars on cosmetology classes, most of which had nothing to do with her line of work.

With the help of the Institute for Justice, Clayton sued in federal court. There, District Court Judge David Sam ruled the state had wrongly applied its Cosmetology Act and licensing regulations against her.


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Well, at least they ruled on

Well, at least they ruled on the side of Liberty? On the other hand, tongue in check: maybe this is the first step of Obamacare Dr's not needing to be licensed?