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Help Us Flood The National Convention With Ron Paul Chocolate Bars

As you well know, the RNC in Tampa Florida is fast approaching. Ron Paul has asked his supporters to line the highway to the convention with signs of the R3voLution. (Consider It Done Ron). As part of these actions we are working on the project to flood the RNC (Delegates/Alternates) with Ron Paul Chocolate Bars. Doing this will have a big impact at the convention. Conventions can be long & arduous events. People get hungry & tired (we know, we were delegates for Ron Paul & due to the attempted shenanigans of the GOP establishment, our convention lasted 5 hours longer than it should have, but we swept every delegate/alternate at the convention!)

During the RNC in Tampa, when people get hungry & want a snack, Ron Paul Chocolate Bars will be there. In the hands of the Ron Paul delegates & alternates Ron Paul Choc Bars will reach out to the other candidates delegates/alternates with chocolate. A friendly, non invasive, effective approach & gesture of friendship.

Also, the fact that Ron Paul Chocolate Bars will be all through the convention will make an impact. Ron Paul Chocolate Bars were at our state convention & we had many Romney people comment on how impressive it was that RP had such a presence! It also began friendly conversations about key issues of the day.
Ron Paul Chocolate Bars are an impressive product with special quotes on the back of the bars.

Help us show our presence at the RNC, not just with signs of the R3voLution, Delegates/Alternates, but with Chocolate Love. Remember there are key quotes on the back of each bar, with liberty websites on the back. I will tell you this: RP Chocolate Bars will be the only candidate Chocolate Bars at the RNC, because Ron Paul's message is the only one that could attract such ardent, activist zeal, & dedication. We are proud to support Ron Paul (the ideas man). And we intend to share that zeal with others!...At the RNC.

Purchase your Ron Paul Chocolate Bars for Delegates/Alternates At

Put a note in the pay pal purchase "RNC Delegates/Alternates". We will get the bars to appropriate delegates/alternates. For every purchase made we will donate bars to delegates/alternates to share at the convention! We will hand deliver them in Tampa! Consider making bulk purchases of 100 bars or more for huge impact! This is our time to shine & make our presence known.

And see Ron Paul Chocolate Bars in Tampa at P.A.U.L. Fest, The Ron Paul Rally At The Sun Dome, The After Party For Ron Paul & The RNC.

Ronald EARNEST Paul Or No One At All!

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Real good idea!

Ron Paul wins 2012. Get ready for it. :)

Hope they are not made with GMOs

These bars should be made without any GMO's or High Fructose Corn Syrup.

This NEEDS to be front paged

This NEEDS to be front paged pronto.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin



His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

YES!! Fat cats love chocolate


Fat cats love chocolate bars and everyone delegate that isn't an RP supporter either wants to be, or is a FAT CAT!


such a good idea!

Or people from the internet

Or people from the internet can order 1,000 pizzas :)

Chocolate Bar Chip-in

Can you please ask one of the owners to make a chip-in and I will post it here:

Also, any discounts closer to cost would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Its a fantastic idea to have them inside the convention.

When/how will they be delivered to delegates?

we will deliver them to the hotels(since the delegates stay in

the same hotels) in coolers. Or people can make special arrangements with us to get them right before the convention. We will also be at the P.A.U.L Fest, The Sundome Rally, & The After Party At The Sports Bar & Grill! So there are many opportunities to get the bars in the hands of the delegates/alternates.


james williams