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Should Google Pay its Users?

Is the exchange of access to one's email and personal data worth more that just letting you use a product for free?

This article argues that people should be paid to use Gmail and Facebook and that companies would still make money doing so:

Should Google Pay Its Users?

Now that giving away products and services for free is a viable business model, will a profitable model of paying consumers to use products emerge?

read the article:

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seems like a well funded competitor

could put a dent in google or facebook by offering a buck or two a month to people to use comparable products that they develop.

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or google itself could go after facebook

or facebook could take google gmail market share by paying people to use their facebook email.

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if that model took off

the consumer would be in the driver's seat regarding privacy.
It will take a smart market participant and well funded to try it out

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yes a free market solution to privacy

instead of a law

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