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Van Steenwyk is Arizona's pro liberty candidate for the US senate seat. He is participating in a live debate at 5:30 pm on PBS.

Van Steenwyk is an excellent candidate. Its definitely worth checking out his website. The debate will be televised live today, on channel 8 (PBS) in Arizona. It will also be rerun at 7:00pm also.

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I was wondering...

I was wondering why Van Steenwyk didn't show up on the list of liberty candidates that had been posted earlier? He has my vote. Also sounds like Travis Grantham for Congress in the new District 9 is pretty solid.

Van Steenwyk - US Senate for AZ

I read about him. He sounds excellent!

Just like RP.

You are correct.

We are friends on FB, he is a Ron Paul Republican.

Go Van!


I just voted for VAN on my early ballot card..

The other offices seem to be a lot of neocons, though.

Cheers, TimB