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Ron Paul nearly obliterated from wiki 'Tea-Party' entry - references to Ryan added!

Paul Ryan went from ZERO references to like a half dozen. Ron Paul was dropped in many instances.

Someone's edited the hell out of wiki's "Tea Party Movement" entry, presumably to black out Ron Paul and whitewash Paul Ryan. A couple hours ago there wasn't a single mention of December 16, 2007! It lists the first tea parties as 2009, cites the Santelli rant, and spends 3 paragraghs crediting "Seattle blogger and conservative activist Keli Carender with organizing the first Tea Party in February 2009." There is now only a few references of Ron Paul.

They even stole one version of the Black THIS out marking, the one Ron used on his webpage, for the moneybomb. http://www.theamericanconservative.com/wp-content/uploads/20...

whos missing from that picture? Thats a theteaparty.net ad

Claims the Gadsen Flag became a Tea Party symbol "beginning in 2009"!

Under "First National Protests" there is no mention of our tea party or Ron Paul, but there's still a picture of Ron in that section!

Under agenda, there's a whole section on "Contract from America"

These references to Ryan were added:

In August, presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney selected Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice-presidential running mate.[152] The move was praised by the Tea Party Express,[153] the Tea Party Patriots,[154] Sarah Palin,[155] as well as many other Tea Party groups[156][157][158] and Libertarians.[159]

The tea party's involvement in the 2012 GOP presidential primaries was minimal, owing to divisions over whom to endorse as well as lack of enthusiasm for all the candidates.[163] Which is not to say the 2012 GOP ticket hasn't had an influence on the Tea Party: following the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's vice-presidential running mate, the New York Times declared that the once fringe of the conservative coalition, Tea Party lawmakers are now "indisputably at the core of the modern Republican Party." [166]

Oh and a photo of Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich were added.


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No doubt WInston Smith has been hard at work redacting.

They will have to do more than that to make Ron Paul go away. They are scum. Are there any computer gurus that can un-redact this crap?

They've been slowly doing this for years now

I posted something back in 09' i think about how neocon talk radio were all starting to sound like Ron Paul. Constitution this, freedom and liberty that etc etc. They have actually managed to pull it off regarding the masses. I think Glenn Beck's 9-12 B.S was a think-tank response to the Ron Paul movement. To corral disenfranchized "patriots" and lead them astray- it was kindof a flop, then not long after the "official fox-news version" of the tea party started being pushed. Every other day I'd tune into our local neocon talk radio apparatus and would hear ALLLLLL of the talking heads mimic certain things about Ron Paul's platform. Limited Gov, cut spending, the founding fathers etc etc....I kept thinking (not really) "WELL GREAT! they are all starting to sound like RP! maybe they will come around and start giving praise where praise is due!!!".....didn't happen. They routinely bash the guy, whos platform they have so obviously hijacked. The funny thing: before OBAMA was elected, they literally said NOTHING about the constitution, freedom/liberty etc etc. It was as if ALL of the talking heads were given their new M.O from some think-tank or something. Nowadays, tune into Mark Levin.....every other word out of that demagogues mouth is "CONSTITUTION" pretty much the same as Hannity et al. This was on purpose in my opinion, i have observed it with great anger/resentment over the past 3-4 years. They're taking this play right out of Goebbels book, repeat-repeat-repeat and it becomes true. Now the so called "Tea party" is getting a hard-on over Paul Ryan as a "true-constitutional tea partier" (gag me with a steak knife) So this new revelation doesn't suprise me at all- get ready for more and more of this as they edge out Ron Paul into irrelevancy, as the masses are totally brainwashed and forget way too easily the origin of things. Disgusting.

"I am Troll fighter, number one"



Tea Party® is a tarnished brand

but what the heck does the Contract On America have to do with anything?

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Ron Paul supporters are

Ron Paul supporters are already trying to fix it! There's wasn't a single mention of December 16, 2007!