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Education is the Foundation of the Future

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can Progressives like President Obama hate America? How can anyone who was raised in the most free and prosperous society in the History of the world believe America is an imperialistic power and the source of evil?”

If we can’t understand our adversary we may defeat them, but we will never know what it is that motivated them. This lack of understanding leaves us open to assault by the same forces in the future. If we wish not only to defeat Barack Obama and the forces of Progressivism in the November elections but also to set America on the path to restoration we must understand the root cause of the Progressive delusion and modern Liberalism which Michael Savage has correctly labeled a mental illness, and I consider a Socially Transmitted Disease.

If you want to understand something it is necessary to learn where it came from and how it came to be. Even if President Obama was educated partially in his adopted country of Indonesia he is a prime example of the assembly-line progressive education that has become the norm in America today: bash America at every chance and cram the idea of a living constitution and the necessity for government intervention in every aspect of daily life.

We’ve all heard horror stories of the anti-American bilge being pumped into our youth in today’s schools, so the following personal experiences shouldn’t shock anyone too much.

As an educator I participated in a program that combined college and high school classes so that students could earn credit towards their high school diploma and at the same time work on an Associate Degree. I was happy to work in this program, and I helped many hard working students earn their Associates at the same time they earned their high school diploma giving them a decided advantage when they went on for their Bachelor degree.

During the course of my years in the trenches of blended education I was in control of the college side of the class; however, I had no authority to stop the blatant dissemination of Progressive propaganda that made up the totality of some teachers’ curriculum. While in the classroom I strive to present material in such a way as to lead students in the direction of critical thinking. I would present both sides and urge students to evaluate and come to their own conclusions. Many times after a semester of teaching Political Science students would come up and ask, “Now that the class is over tell us, which are you a conservative or a liberal?”

Many of my high school teacher colleagues were not so subtle. Here are two examples that were more the rule than the exception in many classes:

1. One Political Science class had the following assignment; watch Fahrenheit 9/11by Michael Moore and then write an essay on how many ways President Bush lied to trick America into an unjust war.
2. In a History class the students were assigned to read Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle and then write an essay on the dehumanizing effects of capitalism.

The list of such blatant and crude attempts to mold our children into good little Progressives that I witnessed would fill a book on how not to teach, but this is nothing new. I am sixty three years old and though not as out-in-the-open or in-your-face I was subjected to the same type of illiberal liberalism when I was a youngster in school.

In grade school I did encounter one History teacher who had been in the profession since before my father was born. She still thought it a good thing to teach American History as an objective subject instead of a vehicle for her own agenda. She inspired students to look at the evidence and think. She however was the exception. From Math to English, from Geography to History teachers were constantly extolling the benefits of government social programs and depicting America as a world-class bully marching around imposing its will on poor little nations that couldn’t protect themselves.

In high school I was suspended for accusing a Social Studies teacher of being a communist. Years later he admitted that he in fact had been a communist since the forties. Another teacher rejected any History paper that he felt was too patriotic which he dismissed as jingoism. A teacher of Russian spent more time in class extolling the virtues of the USSR than teaching the language. When I complained about this forty five minute daily propaganda session I was again suspended. All of this took place back in the 1960s. This isn’t a new problem.

The Progressives realized long ago that if they could take over the nation’s education system they could raise up generations of Americans with no conception of the uniqueness of America as the world’s bastion of freedom and liberty. Today we see the fruit of this campaign: legions of voters ready to throw away our heritage for a government check. The descendants of the Founders are willing to surrender their freedom to strive for the best in exchange for the security of just enough to get by.

So as the wisest woman I have ever known, my wife asks me, “What can we do now?”

Back in the early 90s we decided that what we needed to do was go to school so that we could become teachers. Neither of us wants to impose our ideas on others, but we do want to present the materials in an objective manner and help our students acquire the critical thinking skills necessary to be informed citizens. Whenever a student asks me to figure out what their grade is during a semester I tell them, “If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day.  If you teach him to fish he can eat forever.” I then proceed to teach them how to find an average and how to translate that into a letter grade.

What can we do now? We can’t all become teachers but we can all become involved in our local school boards. We can all do our due diligence and find out what is being taught at our local schools, and we can follow the procedures to correct what is wrong and implement what is right. One thing is for sure if we do not regain control of our schools we will lose the future.

Our leaders are leading us down the primrose path to collectivism. Our education establishment is conditioning America to accept it. Step-by-step, inch-by-inch we have strayed from a federal republic operating on democratic principles with liberty and justice for all to a centralized bureaucracy dispensing cradle-to-grave loot taken from producers and redistributed to non-producers. We may have gotten here step-by-step but we are not too many steps away from one step too many. Barack Obama has stated that his goal is to fundamentally transform America. From stimulus slush finds, shadow governments, and imperial edicts he is systematically remaking us into a centralized state based on social democracy and wealth redistribution.

In 1962 the leader of the socialist slave camp we knew as the USSR, Nikita Khrushchev, said “The United States will eventually fly the Communist red flag…The American people will raise it themselves.  We can't expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.”

Education has led the way to this precipice and only education can lead our way back. If we don’t learn from our mistakes and once again begin building up America through education we may learn that Khrushchev was right.

Did we win the Cold War defeating an enemy dedicated to our destruction to end up proving the wisdom of a cartoon character, “We have met the enemy and he is us”?

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion. He is the Historian of the Future @ http://drrobertowens.com © 2012 Robert R. Owens drrobertowens@hotmail.com Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens

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You are correct about the plan to subvert America.

This was clearly spelled out in G.Edward Griffin's interview with Norman Dodd who was the chief investigator for a Senate Commission on tax free foundations and their work.

He discovered that these foundations have worked assiduously since the beginning of the last century to take control of American history and direct it into a narrative supporting a collectivist society. A young woman lawyer who assisted him in his research work later lost her mind because of what she discovered.


However the problem does not lie with the Democrats or Obama. It is in both parties. Bush was the President who introduced No Child Left Behind, the biggest Federalisation of education in America ever.

Both parties pursue the same agenda of the secret government and that is a globalist agenda. The United States is just the military arm of a globalist scheme to dominate the world through the UN and the present crisis has apparently been engineered by them to enable them to bring in their police states around the world to equal anything that existed in the USSR or Nazi Germany.

This is why the best path back to the America envisioned by the founding fathers, or most of them, is to take over the Republican Party with Ron Paul Republicans and to elect Ron Paul as President of the United States and other rEVOLutionaries to seats in the Congress.

The agenda that Ron Paul has laid out includes the elimination of the Department of Education and the return of the control of education to the parents and the local school boards with special support for homeschooling.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Dr. Owens

You sound like a good little neo-con soldier.

Tell me what the US has done oversees since WWII that ISNT Imperialistic.
Tell me how the sanctions that we put on Iraq that led to 500,000 childrens deaths for what?? ISNT evil.

Progressives think the Constitution a living document???
Neocons dont worry about re-casting it's meaning or trying to bend it one way or another like progressives! They just ignore it!! OR, they run their tanks over top of and shred it in the process!!!!
Patriot Act - put through by cheney and the neconcongress? How is that remotely Constitutional?

I think you've mistaken this site for the Glenn Beck site.

By the way, this was good.
In 1962 the leader of the socialist slave camp we knew as the USSR, Nikita Khrushchev, said “The United States will eventually fly the Communist red flag…The American people will raise it themselves. We can't expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism.”

What leaders do you think gave those doses?
clinton and carter used teaspoons to dose us. the bushes used a bucket.
You're in a slave camp now called the USSA. WAKE UP! Your a doctor. You probably think you have a scientific mind. LOOK AT THE DATA!!!

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Being willing

to engage in dissent isn't the same as "bashing America".

Many are in a very deep state of denial and this is the same sort of thing we heard during the Bush administration when anyone objected to foreign policy.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

lulz. I swear some of you folks don't understand the differences

What we have in America isn't anything remotely close to communism.
America is Fascist (corporate-run).

Fascism is the natural next step from capitalism as the wealth and power are centralized through capitalism allowing the "economically fit" to survive at the expense of the "weak". You can thank capitalism for every problem you see in America.

The fact that you want to blame education cracks me up.

America has always had socialism... for the wealthy... and capitalism for the rest. It's the "free market" that allowed the wealthy to continue to amass more wealth, power and influence. Each time we've created regulations to balance the playing field America has prospered. It's the belief that "the market" will work everything out for us that has led us to where we are today.

It's the way we fought against "big government" to make sure our tax dollars were going to "private companies" for so many things that has pushed the deficit so high and has allowed the wealthy to gain so much more influence over our political system. Take the healthcare law for example. This is a $4trillion a year wealth transfer from working-class and middle-class Americans to the private insurance industry. This was set up by so-called "conservatives" because they didn't want the "big bad government" to be responsible for healthcare. Obama's plan was medicaid for all. (not that I'm in any way supporting Obama)

The problem is about education, but it's not because of "communist propaganda", it's because we continue to feed this single-party system that exists to serve the wealthy and screw over the people and we program the kids to be the biggest capitalists out there. Buy the new technology! buy the new fashions! we teach them that their self-worth is directly tied to what they own and how early they jumped on the bandwagon of whatever new product is supposed to make them cool/successful.

You guys keep focusing on the wrong stuff. Unregulated capitalism created the RNC that blocks the will of the people in order to fulfill the will of the corporations.

I was excited about Dr. Paul when I started visiting this page, but it seems so many of you are just absolutely clueless... I think Dr. Paul gets it, but I think most of you supporters lack a general understanding of political & economic theory/practice.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

When you hire the government to teach,

give them a virtual monopoly by forced tax funding, and put in a DOE in DC that controls it all, what did you assume would happen?

Let me use an example, if Coca-Cola was in charge of the K-12 education system, would you see Pepsi-Cola machines in the schools?

I don't see it as left vs right or liberal vs conservative, I see it as more government = collectivism, less government = freedom & liberty.
Any organization wants to grow, gain more authority, power, influence, it wants to justify its existence, it abhors competition and loves monopoly. When we allowed government a school monopoly and then centralized it under state and then federal control, of course the education system will teach the values of collectivism over individuality.

"...By good and general education...their liberties depend..."

"The right of a nation to kill a tyrant, in cases of necessity, can no more be doubted, than to hang a robber, or kill a flea. But killing one tyrant only makes way for worse, unless the people have sense, spirit and honesty enough to establish and support a constitution guarded at all points against the tyranny of the one, the few, and the many. Let it be the study, therefore, of lawgivers and philosophers, to enlighten the people's understandings and improve their morals, by good and general education; to enable them to comprehend the scheme of government, and to know upon what points their liberties depend; to dissipate those vulgar prejudices and popular superstitions that oppose themselves to good government; and to teach them that obedience to the laws is as indispensable in them as in lords and kings."

-John Adams 1787, A Defence of the Constitutions of Government

"Liberty's too precious a thing to be buried in books...Men should hold it up in front of them every single day of their lives and say: 'I'm free to think and to speak. My ancestors couldn't. I can. And my children will."

-Jimmy Stewart

I seriously

doubt Obama hates America. His idea of what he wants America to be is just a bit off.

Educating the masses

It is not a problem unique to the USA, today`s education standards are pitiful in many western countries. The "dumbing down" is clearly evident in government schools and the problem is passed on from teachers to students. It will take a generation at least to reverse this trend WITH excellent teachers. I suggest a way to help this progress is to start a "war" on the popular media, fight fire with fire and create THE LIBERTY CHANNEL. A monumental task, but well worth it. Can you imagine a free station run by the likes of Judge Napolitano and Ben Swann? Well produced and presented with well researched facts and figures. Guest presenters such as Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul? Real history lessons? The possible suggestions are endless for the line up just so long as it captures a youth audience with real issues that interest and effect them! I heard someone say freedom is popular. This needs serious consideration in my humble opinion.

If every great fortune has a great crime behind it, then the greatest fortunes have the greatest criminals behind them. End the fed!

Didnt quite have as bad an

Didnt quite have as bad an experience as you did, but I still see plenty where things need changing.

Many teachers are petty tyrants. They basically get reign over their students and act like it. Now granted there were certainly a few who were not like this. In my experience, it seems that teachers are more like dictators the younger the students get and the propaganda is at its heaviest at young ages. The message there is conform even if behavior isnt particularly bad.
I remember I was in class once(elementary; this was couple decades almost now) and the teacher was setting up a portable projector, there happened to be a stack of papers under it and she was clearly trying to figure out why it wasnt level. Since I was sitting right next to it and could see the problem(some tacks or something) I tried mentioning it only to have her quickly snap at me about how she hadnt told anyone to talk.
I once had someone steal something out of my bookbag. I managed to find it and find out who did it(I get the impression the kid was playing around rather then actually trying to be a theif) and they decided not only to threaten the kid who stole it, but threaten me as well. Good way to stop people from standing up for themselves.

I think back on history I had in elementary school versus what I had during high school and college and see that it was all glossed over. They made everything seem pretty and nice and didnt bother having the bare facts about anything. Its practically wasted effort.

From what I hear, things have only gotten worse.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

There are just as many

There are just as many teachers spewing supposedly conservative, ultra-patriotic, war-mongering crap as there are pushing liberal crap.

Yes, we are turning more and more socialistic. That's a natural conclusion of democracy. As the government bends more and more to the will of the lower classes, the government takes more and more from the upper classes. Eventually, the lower classes, dependent on government, become an unstoppable democratic majority.

In our system, we have plenty of upper class businessmen benefiting from corporate welfare, so even the true capitalistic upper class is shrinking.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

From my U.S. lady history teacher last fall:

I lie not.

"Now we're only gonna meet for an hour next Wednesday night because there's a Republican debate goin' on that I want y'all to watch. Michele Bachmann is gonna be up on stage. She's about as stupid as they come. Massa' Rick Perry is gonna be up on stage," she said looking directly at the black students in the classroom. "He believes Texas should secede from the Union. Ron Paul is gonna be up on stage. He wants to overturn the Civil Rights Act and legalize all drugs," she continued as her brainwashed pets dropped their jaws in disbelief.

"Yeah, I'm tellin' ya. It ought to be a real interesting debate. So, I want y'all to watch and we'll see if President Obama is going to have any competition."

Education begins in the home

Forget it. It's too late to reform education. It's been suborned by the Government.

Parents need to teach their kids at home to love to read while young, and talk to them about history and similar subjects. Problem is, many parents today are too lazy and care little about self-education. After all, they are products of the failed educational system themselves!

Learning history is so crucial, because though people wore togas and sandals 2,000 years ago, their thoughts, desires, and actions are no different than we are today. Many think in this age of technology we are enlighten and original, when in fact we are doing just variations exploitation and political power plays of the past. We are doomed to repeat the same logical fallacies from the past that lead to the same dead end. The only difference is that our technology makes it so we can destroy ourselves even faster than ever before!

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

We have all seen what education can do!!

Without liberty minded people educating others, this movement of idea's would not have grown like it has. It is a powerful force. We need to keep on making sure that people are being given all sides of an arguement, the truth needs to be known.

Education is key, creating brushfires of freedom in the minds of men is the way!

Are you fucking kidding me?

If we wish not only to defeat Barack Obama and the forces of Progressivism in the November elections but also to set America on the path to restoration we must understand the root cause of the Progressive delusion and modern Liberalism which Michael Savage has correctly labeled a mental illness, and I consider a Socially Transmitted Disease.

Most of Obama's actions (to be distinguished from his promises) have not been "progressive" in the least. Libs were excited for him in 2008 due to his purported policies--things Paul supporters would even be OK with, including: reeling back our empire, more accountability/transparency from the justice department, dealing with the drug war and our prison industrial complex, doing away with domestic spying, and holding wall street accountable.

At the time, conservative hacks like Michael Savage were scared about Obama not because he was going to make a 180 policy-wise on all of the above issues, but because he would have contested that any of the above were even issues that mattered.

These are things "progressives" were crying foul over during the Bush administration whilst many neocons were fooled into believing no cost was too high to win the war on terror. Michael Savage is little different: a compassionless, authoritarian hack who spent so much air time bashing homosexuals that he couldn't be bothered to talk about most of the issues I just listed, nor would he ever give Paul any consideration.

So give this "liberalism is a mental disorder" bullshit a rest. The liberty movement embraces a whole bunch of policies that most of your conservative friends would consider "progressive". Michael Savage is irrelevant.

Please explain:

The liberty movement embraces a whole bunch of policies that most of your conservative friends would consider "progressive".

I laughed.

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell

To any of your neocon radio pundits

..championing the legalization of drugs is a "progressive" concept.
Opposing a constitutional amendment to make same-sex marriage illegal (as Paul does) is "progressive".
Opposing wanton war? Progressive! You're with us or against us, right?
Opposing corporate personhood (as PAUL DOES)? So progressive.

Libs that voted for Obama in 2008 due to his "radically liberal" social policies and also paid attention to the outcomes at all are voting for Paul this year because it's clear Obama lied about anything he would enforce. This is a fact. More than 1/3 polled informally at the first few OWS gatherings said they'd vote for Paul.

OWS and the *original* tea party are essentially merging. Hacks like Savage who only give the republican party shit when it isn't "conservative enough" would never tell you that the GOP is committing election fraud all over the country, but it sure is.

Angry One

GOP is committing election fraud all over the country, but it sure is.
I like common ground.

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell

You need some coffee


So you agree liberalism is a mental disorder?

How many mindless fanboys does Savage have, anyway?

All it takes is being around liberals

to realize liberalism is a mental disorder. The vast majority of modern liberals are incapable of doing any objective thinking because their political ideology isn't just a political ideology to them, it's their religion. While most of them aren't Marxists, they hold the same social, evolutionary views that Marxists hold.

I'm with Dixie

Liberals just don't seem to have critical thinking skills; or maybe, it is just completely naivety toward the nature of Government & lack of understanding of history.

Oh yeah, and ignorant war loving Neocons suck just as bad.

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell

People who don't understand a shred of psychology

shouldn't talk about the nature of mental disorder.
Are you saying you don't believe in evolution? Hahahah, oh wow. Losing side of history, for sure. If you're instead talking about social darwinism, you're way off track.

Losing side of history? Okay, how about this:

You don't believe in hate crime legislation. - You're on the losing side of history.
You believe in states' rights and nullification. - You're definitely on the losing side of history.
You believe in the gold standard. - You're DEFINITELY on the wrong side of history.
You don't believe in welfare. - You're on the wrong side of history.
You don't believe in bailouts. - You're on the wrong side of history.
You believe in strict adherence to the Constitution. - You're on the wrong side of history.

I wouldn't be a Ron Paul supporter if I thought he gave a rip about being on the "right" side of history on anything. History is like a stream. It flows continuously in many different directions decade after decade and sometimes doubles back on itself.

*Now. I wasn't talking about biological evolution OR social darwinism, although I believe both of them are dangerous. I was talking about the fact that liberals believe society is continually evolving into a better, more moral, more kind, and more equitable society. But, they believe this evolution is only possible because individuals (liberal individuals) evolve first and therefore make it possible through social change, which usually involves political action. They despise anyone who is not a liberal because they believe that eventually, everyone will be a liberal and that those who are not liberals are standing in the way of "progress". Of course "progress" in their defiled minds is their own political persuasion.

They're miserable because they refuse to accept human beings for the sinful, rotten, dust that the Bible says we are. It frustrates them that mankind does not get any better and they usually deny this. But, when the evidence stares them right in the face, they resort to blaming it on the Conservatives in society "who refuse to evolve."

I was talking specifically about evolution

regarding being on the wrong side of history, as evolution will be understood unequivocally to be more and more true as time goes on, aside from already being a clear and present ultimate reality according to every scrap of empirical evidence imaginable. It's too bad you think it's "dangerous". I agree social darwinism is destructive, though.

Oh how familiar..

This weekend I gave a presentation on this subject at a conference at Charlotte Iserbyt's home.

If you want to see what is really going on in our schools, check this out... www.mvsd-ib.org

We now sanction and pay for this UNESCO brainwashing in the public schools using our tax dollars

And people wonder why we want to get rid of government schools!

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Very true

However, I have little faith that the foundation of the state and object for public education will change from how it is now. It's all a huge propaganda machine. Those that lack the will to think for themselves will fall to its leaders and teachers whom spout out whatever they want their disciples to think. Those that lack decent parents to show them the truth will succumb to the will of their teachers and peers, becoming what most people around here refer to as the sheep. Sadly much more is key than simply education, but yes it is the propagator of socialized society and imbedding false beliefs into all that go through the system. Luckily I was a complete failure through the public school system, always a person who thought for themselves and one to have awesome parents to raise me.