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The TRUE cost of citizenship!

I was just insulted in a back-handed way, by and ACLU-loving Obama supporter in another forum ... He said:

You know it's going to be Romney or Obama. Does your anti-Romney/Ryan stance mean you support Obama directly or are you going to support Obama by voting for a third party candidate?

I said: for the record, "our" message has been consistent - we are sick of the false choices...one day perhaps, you will get sick of it too when it lands on your doorstep and FORCES you to do something you don't want to do - but HAVE TO for survival.

I could have stayed on welfare in Michigan, I could have "gamed" the system; give me credit for going somewhere else and getting 3 jobs!

Sad truth is, the politicians are still accelerating our demise to pure socialism and destroying this nation's work ethic...Ron Paul is no Superman...he is trustworthy, and the LEAST of all the evils if you want to insist he too is a lying politician - too bad the majority American electorate is too conditioned to take the government handouts, and too consumed with their own self-interests to know it cannot mathematically be sustained.

Spit on our founders, mock my faith all you want. What's right is right, and what's wrong is wrong. This Ron Paul "revolution" is all about selfishness(government handouts/gaming the system) versus liberty-for-all and punishment of evil-doers which generates and perpatuates lasting prosperity...

Obama versus Romney is a JOKE, and mere theater to distract the masses...and you know we're right...you're not deluded, you're guarding your castle too and playing the game in order to spoil whatever you can to your turn; well, I'm done ignoring the problem, and the consequences of ignoring it - for our posterity's sake.

That's the TRUE cost of citizenship!

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Good post, 1 minor correction

"the LEAST of all the evils"

Switched to

Not Evil

Given Obama's abysmal civil rights record, why would any

ACLU lover support him?

Well put.


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