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IMF Publishes Report Advocating Elimination of Fractional-Reserve Banking

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Mises v.s. Irving Fisher


This is a good read and gives you some background of Irving Fisher.

Fisher was also the first president of the American Eugenics Society (1912)

It's not enough.

End the Fed.

Interesting.... I don't think

Interesting.... I don't think I agree with their overall conclusions though. It sounds like they support 100% reserves but under total control of government, so that when the government creates money it can be very precisely calculated WHERE the new money is (no multiplier effect)... And isn't Irving Fisher the one that said the stock markets were GREAT on like October 22, 1929 or somethin?

My first thought when I saw you're headline was "Great... they're gonna abolish the requirement for reserves. Buckle up!" but I'm glad that's not what it was.....

Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I paper money would be just fine as long as there was no fractional reserve banking and a consistent level of money, right? But then, that defeats the whole purpose of money displacing metal... paper can be quickly transformed into 'money.'

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God bless the authors

When one man stands up, it becomes contagious


Is something brewing is this a maneuver of some sort.

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