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Complaint Filed Against Colorado GOP State Chairman

By Ernest Luning | The Colorado Statesman

Last Friday, a Republican National Convention delegate from Denver filed a formal petition with the national GOP asking that State Republican Party Chairman Ryan Call be thrown off the convention’s Credentials Committee, charging that state party rules don’t allow the kind of election that put Call on the panel. The complaint stirs up simmering tension in Colorado’s delegation between backers of presidential candidate Mitt Romney and upstart supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who hasn’t conceded the nomination.

Florence Sebern, an unpledged RNC delegate from the 1st Congressional District who supports Paul, charges that Call’s election to the Credentials Committee — conducted last month via email — should be invalidated and wants the delegation to meet in person to fill the slot.

“In a nutshell, this election cannot be an email election, it has to be a meeting,” Sebern told The Colorado Statesman. “We don’t have a provision for email elections.” She added, “I don’t want to condemn the delegation, I just want to get it fixed.”

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The fact that Shazad is out on this one shows it is a hot button issue - worth fighting for and worth drawing attention to. It is also another example of the fact that we are WINNING! Florence Sebern is a patriot and her cause is just. Hammer Down Patriots. Whoot!

Shazad, I personally spoke


I personally spoke to Florence prior to her filing the contest of the election. I also perused the complaint for her before she sent it. As a parliamentarian I read the bylaws and the fact is the email election WAS ILLEGAL under Colorado state bylaws. I am not anti Romney I am anti cheating, it is the obligation of the states parliamentarian to inform the chair when something is being done illegal and could hurt the assembly, it is part of our code of ethics in our oath, the parliamentarian is corrupt as well for allowing this to happen. Thank God I am not corrupt and I confirmed everything Florence stated and did. Florence did the right thing.

I don't doubt that you have

But the first thing people have to realize is the difference between making a "mistake" and "cheating". This was not cheating. They felt that this was the most expedient method of voting, and agreed to it. Someone didn't like the result and looked in the rulebook for a way to force a redo.

Then, people have to realize the timeline. This committee is probably meeting in a week from now. At some point it becomes unreasonable to expect that they're going to be able to find a time for all of the participants to meet together to re-vote. If this was happening in April, then the situation would be very different and the request would be very reasonable - and would probably win. The chances of winning and forcing another vote at this point are slim. It's just not practical.

They all agreed to a way to do this election, and they made a mistake. They can live with it, and no one outside of a select few in Colorado will feel that an injustice has been done - because it hasn't. It is a rule technicality and it was a mistake. It was not cheating. The outcome would have been the same if they had all met together. The outcome will be the same if they meet again, unless several people don't attend (which is what she is hoping for). It's just not going to happen at this point.

cheating is when the romney

cheating is when the romney campaign lost fair and square on friday so they printed fake conservative unity slates on sat and passed them out as if they were ron paul slates. See the gop lies,cheats and steals so much cheating becomes a general word for their actions but clearly the romney campaign cheated on sat. Why do they feel the need to mislead folks? and print out fake slates to confuse folks on sat. They were caught red handed straight form their campaign. sad part is i expect the gop est to lie,cheat and steal. It is who they are!!

sorry ryan call knew exactly what he was pulling . When he suggested this email vote which was clearly against gop by-laws. I do not give the corrupt ryan call any benefit of the doubt. He did this knowing it was not legal no matter what he said at this meeting. So have a legal vote and if it is the same fine but honestly your niave if you think ryan call is not lying,misleading and even cheating with his motives. With all the lying and misleading the denver gop leadership tried .It is amazing we swept ron paul in denver 100%

Ron Paul 2016

so what strategic advantage...

So exactly what strategic advantage did they gain by doing an email vote? Did they do it because some of the Ron Paul delegates are bad with computers and they were hoping they would either forget to respond or they would accidentally vote for the Romney guy? What was the grand email cheating plan that you are alluding to?

No they did it knowing that

No they did it knowing that there is no real Romney support and people wouldn't actually show up, email votes are a joke and you know it. I can send over 600,000 emails at the touch of a button right now from my personal list. Florence did the right thing and contested the results.

oh brother

So you appear to admit that the hope of this re-vote is that not all of the delegates will participate and a minority of them can control the delegation. Definitely a principled stand you're taking. If the Ron Paul supporters were so opposed to this idea, they wouldn't have participated in the "illegal" vote. They all thought it was fine and they didn't want to drive back to Denver an extra time, either. Now they're mad because they found out there's more Romney support than they thought, and their coalition has been dissolved.

By the way, that's a big contact list.

Shazad, Not for anything


Not for anything but, the purpose of an election is to only count the votes of people who actually show up, bylaws are put in place for a reason, to have a protocol of how to conduct official business, this isn't rocket science. If you want to change the way business is conducted then change your bylaws, very simple. You don't just make the rules as you go along, if it was a mistajke as you claim, then the chair and the parliamentarian are incompetent and should not have those positions of officer status in the party.

Once again, Florence did the proper and right thing. If a Ron Paul supporter did something illegal at a convention, I would call them out as well.

read this that I posted below...


This is a similar situation where the rules weren't 100% followed, and where it was a mistake that didn't materially affect the outcome. Sometimes the remedy proposed to remove a final technicality is not worth the effort. Both of these are examples of that. People that screwed up should be instructed on how to not screw things up in the future. Unless there is a plausible claim that these actions were intentional and that they affected the outcome, people are not likely to give up another day of their lives to fix the situation.

Shazad, I am sorry you feel


I am sorry you feel this way but, If people are not willing to give up an extra day of their lives to fix their party and this country, then honestly, they don't deserve to be delegates in the first place. That is a poor excuse, sorry.

let's not turn her into Rosa Parks

This is just not nearly as consequential as you guys are trying to make it. Having these guys drive to all meet up this week in Denver is not going to fix the party or fix the country. It's not going to change a single thing except the odometers on their cars and the number of vacation days they have left at work. This is not a stand for fair elections. This is not a stand against corruption. It's a stand for nothing and against nothing.

reedr3v's picture

this is not directly my argument, but it is clear

that yours is a very Establishment perspective. It is comfortable for you to claim that challengers who've been wronged should roll over and submit to higher Authorities. You entirely miss that that is the exact problem of this entire nation, not just your state. Old paradigms did not work and cannot save the nation. Please look beyond your comfort zone and see that this is the time to stand for principles and truth, not the same old political cronies who allowed our vast problems to become nearly insoluble and who have no new ideas or solutions.

one could say that

But that is why I provided an example of a time where members of the Liberty movement beat the establishment, and the establishment played the "technically the voting wasn't done 100% by the rules" card as a way of trying to overturn the results, and I disagreed with them.

This is not about rolling over to higher authorities. No one was wronged in even the slightest way, and meeting together again doesn't right any wrong. It was a mistake that they all made, but they all got to vote - the vote just didn't turn out how she wanted it to. This is not standing for any type of principle. She is just hoping that she can get them to meet for a re-vote and that some of the people that voted against her are unable to make it. That's not a principle. That's just a whiny political game like the establishment in MA was playing. They're both a waste of everyone's time.

this is not the first time

this is not the first time the establishment has not followed their own rules. This is not isolated to colorado only. maine,oregon,alaska,nebraska and many more states. All you try to do is explain away the misguided,corrupt and out right lies from the establishment. That says alot! You seem to turn a blind eye to outright unethical actions. This is nothing compared to what the gop est has been doing in colorado to alienate republicans. Obamney 2012 for the loss!!

Ron Paul 2016


Ryan Call is one of those cliche hall monitor types. Didn't fit in in high school so now he's this Establishment-wannabe lawyer who always sides with the status quo.

Ryan Call hates Ron Paul and all Ron Paul supporters. The Colorado GOP is doomed with people like him running the party.

Shazam Shazad

You are fighting the wrong folks. Romney will lose Colorado because of Gary Johnson and rightfully so. Colorado is a swing state. Gary is already polling 7% and growing. This fact is why romney will lose colorado and the general election. Only 2 ways to reverse this ,One convert gary johnson supporters to romney hehe laughable:) 2 Nominate Ron paul In Tampa. If you cannot do either. Romney loses to obama easily in swing states as Gary Johnson pulls the votes since people do not want to vote for obamney.

If you truly want Romney to WIN. you should be on the johnson forums converting them to romney. i can only chuckle Romney has no chance to win colorado a swing state. We will hold the gop accountable and nothing you can do can stop that:) sincerely republican ps a majority of liberty supporters will not be writing in ron paul in colorado . They will be voting someone other then obamney most likely Gary Johnson. As you say romney won the gop in colorado fine now go convert gary supporters, good luck. romney will not win colorado. you can take that to the gop establishment. If you truly are honest to yourself. Then you already know romney will not win just looking at the numbers. Unless you convert gary supporters. good luck ps the only voting blocks left to convert other then gary supporters are goode,illegals,hard core lefties and indies supporting ron,gary and goode. If you lie to yourself then you might convince yourself romney has a chance in colorado. feel free to waste your money on romney losing colorado. look forward to seeing a pdf of you sending your paycheck to romney.

Ron Paul 2016

I'm not fighting you

Neither am I trying to convert you. I'm just pointing out that no one is going to be sympathetic to the plight of these brave souls who faced a cruel email election and lived to tell about it.

We will not be sympathetic to

We will not be sympathetic to romney's campaign and gop est unethical actions and illegal actions in many states. Basically the gop will elect obama because of their actions toward ron paul republicans who only want the gop platform followed. The only thing romney will win by alienating and violating gop rules across many states is a loss in the general election . Accountabilty is coming!!!!!

Ron Paul 2016

robot999's picture

Just doing

his/her job. Ignore.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

this is a nuisance complaint

They all agreed to the method of voting and she just didn't like the outcome. We'd all be annoyed if we had already voted and someone decided they wanted us to drive 4 hours from our home in Grand Junction for a re-vote in which we all knew what the outcome would be. This isn't at all born out of a desire to follow the rules. She just wants to have a re-vote hoping that some people don't show up and that she can convince other voters (who were originally in the anti-Romney coalition) to align with her. If her side had won the original vote then someone else was forcing a do-over, she'd be screaming bloody murder.

She is 100% right. We had an

She is 100% right. We had an election and the ron paul slate won in colorado or did you forget? This move was illegal by colorado gop rules and ryan call is corrupt. You sir are supproting a rule breaker aka ryan call. All Florence is asking for is a valid election. email elections are not in the bylaws or legal. Why do you insist on supporting liars,cheaters and rule breakers aka gop corrupt establishment.

I was the guy who had to get florence's valid point of order recognized by the denver county caucus. When our chair tried to violate robert's rule of order and caught the chair(another corrupt chair in denver) flat out lying to the whole denver caucus.

explain away how ryan call can hold an illegal email election. When none exists on state gop by-laws? explain it go ahead.

ryan call is just pissed because he was not voted on to the committee. Ryan call held an illegal election to put himself on the committee. bottom line romney was caught red handed cheating on sat by passing out fake slates to look like ron paul delegates. His campaign was caught red handed and ryan call was not voted in at all in the convention. so ryan call is the one cheating and lying. This makes you the same when you post what you did above. explain it away shiz!

Ron Paul 2016

the Ron Paul slate didn't win

The winner was an anti-Romney slate. There were Paul supporters, Romney supporters, and Santorum supporters. The Santorum supporters voted against Romney back in April. They're voting for him now. The old coalition has quite obviously broken down.

Don't anyone pretend that Florence wouldn't be going ballistic if her side had won the email vote then Ryan Call was trying to get them to drive from all over the state to redo it. She'd be making the same argument they're making right now. Maybe they'd be doing the same thing she is right now, and making her current arguments. But then they'd be the sore losers.

She should have made her complaint about the process before they all agreed to it, and if it wasn't allowed they shouldn't have participated. Then, they might have a principled stand ("Ryan Call won 20 to 0 and they wouldn't involve us because we were trying to do it the right way and they refused"). They (Florence included) thought it was okay to do it this way. They lost. They're mad the Santorum supporters abandoned them. Tough luck. Even if she's got an argument that technically the rules weren't followed, she's not going to win this, and she's only going to annoy people in the process.

our slate won period. your

our slate won period. your just trying to explain it away, what your trying to say is a santorum supporter might vote romney but our slate was paul and santorum supporters. you are just twisting the fact we won.

no matter who the delegates on our slate support . WE WON, bottom line ryan call was not elected and read our by laws. they cannot have an email election.

the fact you keep trying to explain away the gop corruption and the fact you did not address the flat out cheating by the romney campaign on sat passing out false ron paul slates. shows me you condone cheaTING BY THE GOP EST BY ALL MEANS. oops caps. either way your explaining away the romney/gop est actions only elects obama. so in essence your going to elect obama by backing up this flat out unethical and illegal corruption by romney and the gop est. you cannot explain away cheating by romney/gop est in 30 plus conventions. romney is obama. explain away ok/oregon,maine,colorado,oklahoma,dakots,alaska. but but but but doesn't cut it. You are paving the road for obama by running obamney. you remind me of a dog chasing its tail and when you catch it, it smells like crap.

Ron Paul 2016

yes, your slate won something

Your slate did win the initial election to become delegates and prevent Romney supporters from becoming delegates. Congrats. But your slate was NOT all Ron Paul supporters. It was a coalition. And guess what? The coalition fell apart.

The coalition was formed just days after Santorum had dropped out of the race. His supporters were still in denial and were still in a state where they wanted to do anything they could to stop Romney. That's why they formed a coalition with you guys to beat Romney's slate. Together, you did it. That was 4 months ago. They have moved on. If Santorum releases his delegates, most to all of them are going to vote for Romney.

over 75%(majority of our

over 75%(majority of our slate were ron paul supporters a fact!!

Ron Paul 2016

I know that

But the ones who were Santorum supporters are going to be unbound and will likely vote for Romney. The ones who are Ron Paul supporters will be voting for Ron Paul, obviously - they are bound to "uncommitted" and can vote for whoever they want.

likely is the key word. If

likely is the key word. If they do not nominate ron paul on the floor. I cannot help it if santorum supporters want obama to win. Obamney 2012 for the loss.

Ron Paul 2016

your post doesn't address any

your post doesn't address any of the points i said, ryan call violated gop by-laws, your ignore. the romney corruption you ignore. bottom line you will elect obama by your support of gop corruption.

Ron Paul 2016

the problem is...

The problem is that somehow you guys think you control the Santorum delegates who teamed up with you against Romney 4 months ago. You don't. You're mad about it. You're not going to be able to change this outcome, though. They voted against you here and they're likely going to do it in Tampa. This is not "corruption". You all agreed to do this and thought it was okay. No one is going to waste time with a re-vote.

yes they could break their

yes they could break their pledge but i assume the santorum folks that joined our majority slate . Will uphold their pledge. If not? That is on them and they will break their trust. Ron Paul delegates were the majority on our slate!

Would i be happy about them breaking their pleadge? No, Can i hold them accountable? YES:)

Ron Paul 2016