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My Political Analogy With A French Quote on Adultery

"The WORST thing you can do to the man who took your wife :

JUST LET her GO with him."

-- Sacha Guitry

(Disclaimer: no chauvinism intended here; works the other genders round just as well; no mocking intended of actual life experiences either; you know, life...)

Also :

"The WORST thing you can do to whoever endorses stealing your property to sustain The 'Welfare' State :

JUST BECOME one of them."

-- Me

That said, Peace. Let's keep STANDING,


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I warned the man who stole my bike

"the brakes aren't so great, careful friend."

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LOL. Nice one. I'd say you

LOL. Nice one.

I'd say you were too nice, though.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


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