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Gary Johnson is a distraction

I like a lot of what GJ stands for but it is not his time. GJ divides us. We need to coalesce behind Ron now. We are weeks away and need to work harder than ever if we want a fighting chance.

Dr Paul if you read this site please give us some hope that you are still in this to win this. With all the recent turn of events you have been silent for too long. We have not abandoned you please don't abandon us.

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Not if used properly

Johnson should get a seat at the table in the debates. Even if RP is nominated, this would break some portion of the two party monopoly

For now, yes, I agree.

If Paul is not on the ballot I'll vote for GJ but for now we need to be focused solely on the RNC convention.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Another day, another plea...

begging Ron Paul to do what he has never done, and will not do. When will the message finally sink in for you folks? After the convention?

Thank You!

I totally agree with you!Trying to divide the votes for Ron Paul is crazy!Ron Paul is still the only candidate that has served in our military!Here we come Tampa!

Gary who?

Gary who?

The liberty message is

The liberty message is important. Libertarian politics is not. Ever heard of preparation + opportunity = success? The message is the preparation, the part we can control. The politics is the opportunity, the part we cannot control. A common mistake is to seek the opportunity. To focus on the politics is also a mistake. We must focus on the message. Success is electing a president with a philosophy of liberty, like Ron Paul.

That is why I agree that G.J./libertarian party is a distraction. Although politics is essential for success we cannot force or intimidate or bribe others into voting a certain way. If we focus on truth, learning and educating, people will understand the message and choose on their own who to vote for.

Same goes for Ron Paul as G.J. He reminds us continually that it is about the message and that people are waking up not because of his political abilities but because the need for the message. The opportunity part of the equation, I believe, is provided by God. God tells us to improve ourselves and then he rewards us by giving us opportunity. It is all a very naturally occurring process.

To the OP: if Johnson has distracted you...

from helping Ron Paul in any meaningful way, please describe that particular instance in detail.


GJ does not divide us!!!

Can't you see, it's all the dissent to fellow liberty lovers that is killing this movement! We have too many enemies to fight amongst our selves over who is libertarian "enough"! Rand, Gary, and Benton are all great people who have done a lot for us regardless of how you feel about specific decisions, and it's not fair how this movement is turning on them.

Why did you have to put Rand and Benton...


They're not even relevant with respect to the Johnson issue.

Can we just wait until the

Can we just wait until the convention please? All efforts should focused on Tampa. The Johnson campaign should know better than to divide us at this point. Obviously if RP was out we would probably rally behind Johnson. But he's not out! There's still a whole freaking convention to be had,

The debates are the issue.

If we wait until after the convention to try to get behind Gary Johnson, then there is very little time, probably no more than 2 weeks, to get the name of Gary Johnson out.

This discussion was much more important in June or July, because that would had been 1-2 months extra spreading the name of Gary Johnson to help him get the 15% in the polls.

Because, if Ron Paul wins, he is guaranteed to be in the debates. If Ron Paul loses, then Gary Johnson is not guaranteed to be in the debates, and then there would be nobody there to push Romney and Obama to actually touch on the important issues!


The only things that divides are Rand Paul's endorsement and the fact that some people cannot accept that a Ron Paul Presidency is almost an impossible conception thank's to the fact that he stopped campaigning and attacking the GOP for all the injustice that has occured.

The apolitical neighbors have put their yard signs up for Romney..the nomination is in all likelyhood secure...its a done deal.

Its time to move the message of liberty, if that means supporting GJ so he can debate the principles of liberty against those 2 clowns, then that is the direction we NEED to go. If not, then there is nothing we can do other then watch this country fall apart in the next year or 3.

I'm just saying

There are 1000s of posts on this site and other forums where people vowed to write in Ron Paul. Now it's we've heard nothing lets all back Gary Johnson. I say we see this thing through. What good will GJ at 15% in the general do? The establishment has already secured Obama. We fight all the way through backing the man who has given us 3 decades of his life this one last time. And to the other posters about Rand who cares. There are other liberty torch bearers who will shine as time goes on. Maybe it's one of us who are not in office yet.

Write in is a waste of time

Even if he did have a majority of write ins, they wouldn't even be mentioned/counted by the MSM. But I do agree, we see Ron Paul through, though only through the convention wherein we try our hardest to disrupt the convention in get Paul nominated and spread the message of liberty.

In the meantime and after, we can also throw our support to Gary Johnson so he can debate these two fools. At least then some of our message will be spread.

The way I see it is that we have 2 options supposing that Ron Paul does not win the nomination.

1.Support Gary Johnson and have our message of liberty spread within the major debates that are going to take place.

2.Support Ron Paul with writeins, wherein our message of liberty will not be spread.

Either way we are SOL, but we might be able to get another 10% on our side thus making it a bit more difficult for the elites to run roughshod over us during the collapse.

Return the favor

We could always go on to LP msg boards and start bombing their threads with, "I'm a real libertarian so I gonna write in Lee Wrights instead of voting for a second-rate nominee." I wonder if the Johnsonites would cry foul on that distraction...

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."

Gary Johnson isn't the

Gary Johnson isn't the distraction. It's the people posting, replying and fighting all over the place that is the distraction.

The focus needs to be on Paul until the convention is over. Simple as that. Posting threads like this will only create some more "distractions" that you're talking about.

Yo, I am all the way Ron Paul

But I would like my vote to count for something in the event we aren't able to have the right thing happen at the convention in Tampa.

I grok the concept here, but a back plan is ALWAYS a good idea. Gary praises Ron all the time and quite frankly I bet he would also give Ron his support over running when/if we get uncle Ron positioned to oust that imposter Romney.

I don't care of some folks don't want to hear about a plan B and I sure dont' want to be in a foxhole with anyone that isn't interested forging one.


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