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RNC picks Paul-bashing Democrat Artur Davis to speak at convention

The GOP has picked former Democratic Congressman Artur Davis, who only left the party in May of this year, to be one of its keynote speakers in Tampa.(http://blog.al.com/sweethome/2012/08/alabama_republicans_emb...)

Artur Davis has publicly bashed Ron Paul in the past, calling him " as bad on foreign policy as he could possibly be". (http://www.politico.com/arena/archive/ron-paul-a-dangerous-m...)

Awfully hypocritical of them, especially since during the primary season they were attacking us Paul supporters over the fact that a lot of us were "Blue Republicans" (i. e., former Democrats who endorsed Obama in '08 and Paul in '12). They claimed that made us "unworthy" to represent the GOP as delegates and that we weren't real Republicans. And then the GOP establishment turns around and does this? Unreal. Looks like from the perspective of the GOP establishment, it really doesn't matter whether you were a Democrat in 2008, as long as you bash Paul loud enough!

Who picks these speakers, anyway? Shouldn't we (i. e., the delegates) have any say in who gets to speak?

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If I were a delegate and had

If I were a delegate and had to listen to the hand picked speakers, I would laugh at loud. One of those big, ole belly laughs. Laughter is contagious - could you imagine a room full of laughing delegates? Arm yourselves with an effective weapon, laughter.

This could backfire on them

The uninformed delegates hate Dem's so much now because of Obama that they may gravitate toward Dr. Paul if they see a Dem endorsing Romney and bashing Paul. Wouldn't that be lovely.

I was wondering what would happen if everyone

sang the National Anthem during his speech? I don't know if this is acceptable protocol, or, if a majority of people want to change the protocol by singing, if that counts. Open to thoughts!


Probably preaching to the choir here but

as we all know, there are no major differences between "democrats" and "republicans". Less freedom, more bailouts, more inflation, more war, more taxation, more stimulus, less accountability...list goes on and on

None of this should really be

None of this should really be a surprise. McCain wanted to run against Bush in 2000 on the Democratic ticket. He wanted to do the same again in 2004. The articles are still online, MSM sources no less. Here's one: http://www.usatoday.com/news/politicselections/nation/presid...

McCain openly and publicly supported running against the GOP if the Democratic party would have him in both 2000 & 2004 then somehow the party he wanted to run against makes him their nominee in 2008? Even Ann Coultier said McCain was more liberal than Clinton and that she (Coultier) would campaign for Clinton if the race in 2008 was between McCain & Clinton.

It's like some devious in our face joke. McCain, the closet democrat, becomes the nominee in 2008 and now we have another Democrat being made a keynote speaker after only leaving the Democratic party a few months ago.


Don't forget the democrat who

Don't forget the democrat who is the "presumptive nominee."

All I can say is that it will

All I can say is that it will be VERY interesting what happens there. I am beginning to feel like that video coming out of there will be priceless in the craziness that will end up being shown.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

The more I hear the crazier things get. I am really starting to

think the Republican Party is intentionally sabotaging itself in order for Obama to win. There was some "deal" made somewhere for them to be making mistakes, foolish choices (picking a perfect guy to lose to Obama), blatant corruption etc. It is looking less like a wacky conspiracy theory every day.

It's not Republicans versus

It's not Republicans versus Democrats... it's Republican + Democrat Politicians versus the rest of us. They are on the same team. Our political system was turned 2-party because it is easier to control the process this way. Their people filter to the top of both parties then it does not matter which side wins... they win either way.


Who picks the speakers?

The puppet masters who choose only the people who will further their own agenda, that's who. Democrat and Republican are only labels for the voters, to install a false sense of patriotism.