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New FBI Stat: Oh You Silly Peons, We SHOULD murder You more! But We don't; You should thank Us!

FBI: Cops Don’t Shoot Civilians As Often As They Could, Legally

Posted on August 16, 2012 by Robert Farago

Two FBI guys, one Maryland State cop and an aspiring law enforcement officer want you to know that cops exercise a lot of restraint. They don’t always shoot people when they could. As my J-school prof told me, never to put stats into the lede, so you’ll either have to click here to read Restraint in the Use of Deadly Force or make the jump for highlights, as provided by a forcescience.org [aka. liberal/RINO statist lunatic white-lab-robed-cultist academicians/'scientific' rationalizers/apologists/bootlickers for the rampant police state] for email blast. Suffice it to say the report’s authors are almost as sensitive about their credibility (“the fact that this study was preliminary does not diminish its significance”) as they are about media bias (“this media focus on the use of deadly force helps create the misconception that police officers use deadly force more often than they actually do”). The authors reckon the idea that there’s “excessive and widespread use of deadly force within the law enforcement community” is hokum. And they’ve got the stats to prove it. Or do they . . .

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