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Enemedia trying to squash Ron Paul

So Please explain what's going on. Is this just more of the evil MSM?

Final preparations are under way for both conventions. Republicans will gather Aug. 27-30 in Florida, where Romney will officially accept the GOP nomination. Democrats convene Sept. 4-6 in North Carolina, where Obama will get the party nod for a second time.

By design, all but one of Romney's campaign rivals for the Republican nomination have been denied speaking roles. Former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania will speak. He is considered a hero among social conservatives who have long viewed Romney skeptically.

Palin — a major star on the right — says she doesn't want to bother, but it's also possible that Romney's team didn't extend an invite to her, given that she could overshadow this year's GOP ticket.

Beginning to dislike yahoo more and more. Lying MSM. What do you think?


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My secret fantasy...

Not so secret, I guess. I'm hoping that Rand sacrificed his own reputation in order to be allowed to speak in Tampa. He'll be following along with the teleprompter for a few minutes, then take a sharp right-turn and declare on national TV, and in a room full of neocons that the time is NOW to stand up for liberty and nominate RON PAUL!

*sigh* It's a pipe dream I guess...

-Mike Stroven

When Will The

delusions over Rand Paul ever stop? You are right on, it is a fantasy. Judas has cast his lot!

It could happen

He does have a temper and has been known to cave under pressure...

Keepin' it real.

That would be legendary


By design,

"By design, all but one of Romney's campaign rivals for the Republican nomination have been denied speaking roles"

Keepin' it real.

So they are picking people

who will not "overshadow this year's GOP ticket."

Well Condi is speaking and she will overshadow Mitt. Anyone could overshadow Mitt. Anyone.

Keepin' it real.

actually it seems fair enough

Only Santorum is speaking among Mitt's rivals, according to the article. That in itself is not bashing Dr. Paul.

I would love for Dr. Paul to speak at the RNC.
It would be historic.
We can still hope.

So far they only let little chickens#!t Rand Who? to speak.

That wont be so historic.

It seems to me that we all need to be reconsidering what is this Republican party, and what business is it of ours.

take it over

It is my business to take over the Republican party. Being the most realistic path to succeeding in changing this country for the better, this is my responsibility. What is your responsibility?

My responsibility

is to help you do just that. I've lived my life. It's twilight time.
Best to know I leave this earth with USA in tact for all the other generations to enjoy.

Keepin' it real.

Not impressed with the way

you write about Dr Paul's son.It must break his heart.


Ron has a thick skin like most of us liberty supporters. He's not crying at all.

Keepin' it real.

How do you



I'm wise and he has been going through this for 30 years.
He doesn't sweat the small stuff. He's more upset that he is being ignored for his likely win and had all his delegates getting punked. Now Carol, that's a different story

Keepin' it real.