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WA Libertarian Party

WA state libertarian party trying to remove Romney from ticket. Says he does not qualify.

Are they trying to get us to choose between Johnson and Obama? Interesting strategy even though it's probably not going anywhere.

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I dont like this..

I plan on voting for Gary Johnson either way.. but this is embarrassing. I wish we had more choices. I bet if Ron Paul would of won the state and was headed to Tampa with 1700 delegates this lawsuit wouldn't be happening.

All this is going to do is piss off a lot of 'status quo' from voting for the guy with an (R) behind his name on the ballet across the board if Mittens isnt on it and we do have some Ron Paul folks still running and on the ballot come Nov.

Very Hippocratical for what the L party stands for.

On the other hand, the law is

On the other hand, the law is the law, and the Republican Party tried to remove Gary Johnson from the ballot in Michigan for missing the deadline by three minutes. So this is fair game.!/cevans93

WA Libertarians file suit to block Romney/Ryan from ballot...

The WSRP (Washington State Republican Party) failed to obtain signatures in time to qualify...

See case here:

WA Libertarians' 110-page complaint seeking to bar Romney-Ryan from state ballot. -- Secretary of State (@secstatewa)


More on Libertarians' lawsuit against WA ballot spot for Romney-Ryan. -- Secretary of State (@secstatewa)

Great! Thank you.

Great! Thank you.