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Question: Economy in Ruins or Rebounding?

I know there are many great, free thinking minds here...

Our debt is mind blowing. Fractional reserve banking and HFT is out of control. Derivatives at $1.3 QUAD?? Drought. PM's manipulated. Libor. EU. QE. Corzine liberated with NEW HEDGE FUND!!!!. MSM bought by all. Segregated funds and FDIC obliterated. Elections are smoke and mirrors. Our GDP is stagnant but our market reaches new high? Underwater houses are growing and shadow inventory. Car Manufacturing stuffing. Total mistrust of the markets.

What's sad. I could go on and on...

Are we done? Is this the end game? Can we print money forever and fix it all? Seriously, can we just plug the holes for eternity cuz our printer has ink? What if we inflated forever and debt was "forgotten" for the TBTF banks? Is there a way for the Bilderburgs to erase the debt that "matters"?

Now that Corzine has been exonerated and the FDIC has been made futile I, for the first time in my educated life, have become obtuse.

There is nowhere to turn. We have been infultrated. I am watching RT to get real news. The public has been retardified by our ISD's and I still must live amongst them.

I need to know there are still Americans worth fighting for. Desperation leads to affiliation.

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The whole system will need to

The whole system will need to be reset, which was by design all along. Keynes was chosen by the bankers because it was the perfect way to implode the system. The bankers of course will offer their one world currency. That is the end game. It's so freaking obvious at this point.

No arrests over all the

No arrests over all the fraud, liar loans, robo signing scandal, etc, etc. MF Global client money goes *poof*, misused by the company and the CEO, Corzine, will probably be running another hedge fund soon. Should be in jail. Oh, and last week's court ruling that banks can use client deposits as collateral for loans with the lenders being the first in line if things go bad, rather than the depositors. That's insane. Imagine depositing money and then being told that your money was lost because they used it for collateral for a loan they could not repay. Quite a scam... borrow money from a banker friend, use client deposits as collateral, then give deposits to the banker friend who lent you the money because that was the collateral.

Faith in this system is going to go down the tubes. I know of at least one fund that shut down completely because the manager realized it was all a sham and the money was not safe anymore.

Crazy, I know, but I suppose that's how things go when we all live in the twilight zone!

IMO, we have a big crash on the way which will be much worse than the great depression. It might not be the next crash, but it is coming either way. The politicians are doing whatever they can to delay it and if possible to find a way to politically benefit from such an economic event. You might not think they could politically benefit from a major crash... I'm thinking they will set it up so the blame can be directed at Iran and all the anger over the crash will be redirected into the war. At least that's what they will try.



Gerald Celente and the guest on Alex Jones I'm leaning towards ruins. Ofcourse these guys are the most truthful news you can get and Gerald Celente has been about 98% right in his forecasting. Like the saying goes,"Hope for the best, prepare for the worst". We need to throw off this 1.5 quadrillion in derivatives debt from the banksters, and start arresting the Wall Street scum, just like Iceland did.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our Liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

Your signature quote says it

Your signature quote says it all.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx