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We have succumb to anxiety and impatience and speculation...again and again!

I feel OUR days becoming more vivid and while the potency of the ideas of a man spark and gleam, we always make sure they fall short of prolonged scintillation.

We short-change, ridicule, plead, beg, wonder, wander, give up, rejoin, make claims, speculate, judge and wail like children who separated from their parent, strike into the reflexive instinct of abandonment. I am tired of the BS and weary from it's lingering effects.

I'm a 34 year old grown man and I stand for liberty!

I am with you Ron Paul...this is a call to all former supporters, current and supporters-to-be...man up and quit playing along with the losing hand! Grow up and let your children be aloof and unconcerned with these matters, not you! You have a duty to speak for them and god-damnit you all better speak up now! PEACE! Let the non-violent awakening take center-stage.

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