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You say: "Po-tay-to" I say: "Po-ta-to" Liberty is so close I can almost taste it.

You say: "Po-tay-to"
I say: "Po-ta-to"

You say: I like RP and don't much like Romney but he's the nominee.
I say: I like RP and don't much like Romney and he's not yet the nominee.

I sound ridiculous, I know.

Except for:
- the fact that Harding won with only 12% of the votes going into his convention
- the lawyers may have won the case (news trickling out) for ALL delegates to be unbound and vote their conscience
- and that we both agree that they too probably like Dr Paul's positions and don't much like Romney

So, that means if all of us in various states are foot-dragging on Romney and all of the delegates in various states are foot-dragging, why are any of us paying attention to the stories that say all the votes are already pre-counted?

Aren't we as close to a Ron Paul nomination as a phone burst to all the delegates to say "go for it?"

Just for a moment, what would it feel like if, without the media at our backs, and with the lawyers' victory in our pockets, and none of the state voters who even voted for Romney really liking him, 1144 delegates just voted what was REALLY not only their own conscience but their state voters' consciences?

Do you see how close a candidate, who everyone admires, really is?
It's right there for 'the asking.'

It's down to 1144 people, and he already has over 500.

So our country's liberty is down to a mere 600 people changing their mind?? One dozen people per state can change the course of history??

Liberty is so close I can almost taste it.

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