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Delegates: Anyone planning to make sure there is a Ron Paul Table or booth at the RNC ?

Probably better plan now.
Probably need RNC permission.
Probably need Ron Paul's permission.
Need a table or booth.
Need signs, literature, pins, labels etc.
Need sign with Reasons to vote for Paul.
Need sign why not to vote for opponent.
If not allowed inside, where to set table or tables as delegates approach RNC.
Need literature or handouts that summarize why vote Paul and not Romney.
Need literature and handouts that in one page compare Romney and Paul. Example: War with China, Iran and Russia ?: Romney -yes; Ron Paul-no. (PS: Iran has pacts with China and Russia. Partially taken from debate, rest online.)
Abortion? Romney-yes sometimes, no other times (flip/flops); Ron Paul-no
Maybe site online Paul site.
Gay marriage?: Romney-flip/flops-was in MA gay parade; Ron Paul: Let each state vote on it.
Israel?: Romney: Will do whatever Israel says. Israel First. ; Ron Paul: Israel is a sovereign nation. Let Israel make its own decisions. America First.

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Hotels, airport and bus stations too

Leaflets with all the anti-Romney info needs to reach the delegates but the 5 blocks surrounding the Convention will be in total lockdown. Only credentialed RNC participants will be able to be in that area.

All efforts to reach the delegates should also include canvasing all of the hotels and motels in the immediate area as well as the airports terminals, the bus stations and the local bars and food joints immediately surrounding the Convention Center.

There is also a huge pre-convention meet-n-greet party being held for all the delegates on the 26th. That needs to be canvased and leafletted as well.

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TY: Excellent ideas. Hear that Florida Paul supporters !

If Floride Ron Paul supporters could get this organized, it would be great.

We need to organize this to

We need to organize this to happen, im sure someones already working on it, but stil.

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