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RNC to hand out 14,000 goodie bags full of Romney crap.


Daniel Aboud walks down the line of boxes, stuffing a canvas bag with items ranging from a can of Coke to Mitt Romney's book, No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.

It is one of 14,000 goody bags that he and fellow workers at MacDonald Training Center will fill with 144,000 items for delegates, VIPs and media coming to Tampa for the Republican National Convention, Aug. 27-30...

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Those items would be...

a great place to place any unused Ron Paul bumper stickers. Let the newly decorated items sit out all around the convention site for cameras to see. That would keep security busy removing all of the items from sight!

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Do they also put the fine

Do they also put the fine print label somewhere in there:

"FDA-approved Disclaimer:

This is free stuff from Mitt Flip-Flippy-Flop Romney's campaign.

It is strongly recommended you get a subsequent Prozac prescription."


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I'd call it a crock of... you know what!

Item: Pocket constitution. Please, make sure the candidate gets the goodie!

burn it

in a pile

Good idea. I'll bring

Good idea. I'll bring marshmallows if anyone wants to organize it.

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