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iSideWith.com Introduction: Go take the quiz!

iSideWith.com is a website that allows potential voters to take an unbiased quiz, and subsequently, matches the voter up with the candidate which he or she most agrees with on the issues considered to be important in the United States today.

I have prepared an introduction video for others to view and share:


Please enjoy!

At the time of this post, almost 1.5 million Americans have already taken the quiz at - http://www.iSideWith.com

See how your results turn out! It takes less than 10 minutes!

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Tell your friends family co-workers...spread the word.

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Fun - surprised at my result

I got GJ 99% and RP at 96% despite my own analysis has me preferring Paul. Probably abortion got me.

Everyone else in the 50-60s, including Jill Stein,

With BHO being the sole last place of 30%. I would've figured he would've been tied with Mitt.

thanks for the link!

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You're welcome...


Got my Obama supporting

Got my Obama supporting mother and unsure father and what do you know 80% libertarians!
I scored 98% Ron Paul.

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GREAT news!!!!!

i took the quiz and scored 98% Dr. Paul which didnt surprise me, but then i asked my lover, who is an avid fox news watcher, to take the quiz and he score 99% Dr. Paul...
at first i thought, where did I go wrong? lol, but then I realized that WOW-WOW-WOW- an actual fox news watcher scored BETTER than me and THAT my friends is why we win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rock on!!!!!!


We need to get everyone to take this damn thing!

Let's wake these bastards up! - the word bastards was used to deliver emotion; In reality, I have no widespread knowledge of paternal absence.

I did this one yesterday

99% Ron Paul. Didn't surprise me a bit.

If everyone would just take this quiz...

especially all the supposed neo-con base, I bet many people would find just how much of a libertarian they really are.

Go take the quiz!

See how much you line up with Ron.

wonder how they...

Keep up with Mitt`s flip flops?

"Freedom is never easy in a world of tyranny" - ME

That's a fool time job....

no doubt! ha ha...