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Let's play a game

This link leads to a video that is not mine. I won't get anything for sharing it, I have no clue who owns it.

Let's play a game where we post it on our social media sites today (8/17/2012) and see how far we can spread it in 7 days. What can we lose?

Call it what you will, spread Dr. Paul's message hard these last days. If the delegates vote by their conscience, history can be made in Tampa. I believe it, you should too. Collectively we are a force to be reckoned with... let's start acting like it again! Ready... set... GO!

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To My Business Associates

I turn 65 in a couple months and I am very concerned about the world I will leave behind. Having watched and been the victim of corruption in my home town for the past 30 years and now watching the Republican National Convention, I felt compelled to draw your attention to what I believe should be our first order of BUSINESS.

To reclaim liberty in this country!

Please watch the following 5 minute video

If George Washington were with us today, would you "Write him in"?

It is time for a victory over corruption and a write in vote by you and me will change the course of history!

Rick Mann

Sent to over 2,000 business associates 08/29/12
Go and do thou likewise

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

Based on Obama's actions

I can only come to one conclusion. This man does not have full control of the United States government, particularly in the area of national security and foreign policy. There is no way he has control. No way. (Either that or DARPA has a way of predicting the future... not likely)

Here is a response from someone I emailed this to

Video is cool..... But you got to admit Ron paul is a little off his rocker :-)

Love ya

(This was from 1 of the people I THOUGHT had woken up?)

My Reply:
I get that a lot! Tell me what you mean by off his rocker? I'm not being funny...I've researched the HELL out of RP and whats going on...give me an example of what you mean? Help me out man. What am I missing?

Hope you are doing well. How are your wife and new baby?



What was their reply back? Nothing, right? Except that is what they were told.

I don't see it either. I see where they (the media) try their best to make him look crazy. The best example being durring the debates how they outright laugh at his answers. See, people don't think for themselves... they don't even listen to the answers. They just hear the crowd boo, cheer, or laugh and follow suit.

He is far from off his rocker.... he is smarter and sharp as a tack. I think Tampa will be exciting and good. Remember, Ron Paul is the future. They thought Einstein was crazy too, ya know. Christopher Columbus was nuts for thinking the world was round.... Ron is just the latest example of people who are so right and so advanced they are labled nuts by their contemporaries.

tnchickenhut his next reply and my response to it follows:

I'll sum up Ron Paul.....

He is a racist, his views are great but he's expressed more than one time issues on black people, don't get me wrong because I don't like ni66ers either but as a political figure he could had curtailed his opinion a little bit better and the fact is that not one minority... Will vote for him.


So, I sent him this:

My Friend, you are misinformed about RP being a Racist.

Check out who blacks support!

BTW - My buddy lives in NYC, is from Puerto Rico and served 4 years in the Army...which makes his views all the more curious to me.

I've gotten no repy back from the email that included the video above.

I know he is your friend....

But using that word made his entire argument mute. We all know that RP was simply pointing out that the war on drugs is racist and his words have been twisted since.

Somewhere there is a video from TMOT talking about how they try to label RP a racist. I'd find that and forward it to him, if you think it would help.

You know, (and I know this is speculation) I believe there are some who support Ron in private. I believe there are some who agree with him but are too scared of their government to say or even vote so. ESPECIALLY after this Marine just got detained for a facebook post (in a election year where Ron Paul is doing better than ever - find that odd?).

Be in Tampa.

The most important issue right now is to be in Tampa.

Emailed it to @ 100 peeps

This is required viewing! Don't even THINK about deleting it!

Oh man!

LOL! on Lindsey Graham and Rick Santorum...They say they are Christian and believe what they say? It is so opposite to the Christianity that I's not even funny..kinda scary actually! Never trusted them anyway.

Fear knocked on my door and Faith answered!

totally inspiring

totally inspiring heading into Tampa. Thanks

kind people rock


I have been on the planet a while and have several thousand contacts...mostly business...and each of those could probably reach on average...a thousand


Our first order of BUSINESS is to reclaim liberty in this country!

I will start with this and the RonvsMitt sited below.

Bring it on!!!

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.


This is what I'm talking about!! Let's get these links out there to our less than awake friends, who can share it with their less than awake friends, and so on and so on.

Us older Ron Paul supporters understand what a fire storm this movement dubbed "The Revolution" has been. This is not normal, this is not something that happens every 4 years. Ron Paul is special and it is due to the fact that he has been consistent for 30 years. It is due to the fact that he isn't corrupt, he truely cares and loves this country as we do.

Lately I have been disheartened by this "split" in the movement. We have seemed divided.... we must stay united to win!!! And it IS possible! We just have to get the unbound delegates to see the forest from the trees.

Do not attack them that support others. That won't win votes. Spread the message of Liberty, sound money, individual freedom.... it's common sense, but if you start off with a attitude, you won't get far. They will shut down.

Common' guys and gals... let's get Paul in there!!


Please read my first post from March of this year.
My Greatest Disappointment - The Ron Paul Attack Ads

I concluded by saying

In 1788 our country needed someone to unit us. They found a man that they all united behind...some were Tories, some were cowards, some were flip-floppers, and some were serial hypocrites...some were just like you.

He united them ALL.

Liberty does that my friends

Let's forgive, embrace, and get a hold of the greatest opportunity this young 65 yr old has seen in his lifetime!

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

I Love that One

It is so deep and I rarely make it through without shedding a tear.. JFK, MLK (and RFK) slowed the march toward tyranny but now it's time to face it off!

Have you watched this one.. I imagine my children and grandchildren running through fields of gold when I watch this
Freedom 6 min, 35 sec
or on UTube

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

"When they say 'I want my

"When they say 'I want my lawyer' you tell them 'shut up'" -Lindsay Graham

Note: We do not apply that standard to people like John Edwards or Ted Stevens, or other well connected criminals who abuse their power for personal gain.

Yeah, this clip alone blows

Yeah, this clip alone blows my mind that it doesn't upset people more. Really? Someone can watch him get upset and excited like that and say "tell them to shut up" and they don't get enraged?! I really don't get people sometimes.

Everyone is a libertarian

Everyone is a libertarian when it comes to themselves. The difference is while they want to be free, they are willing to trample over the rights of others.

But then again, Ron Paul got boo'd when he mentioned the Golden Rule in a debate.


So True!

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

double posted =/

ConstitutionHugger's picture

posted on facebook

to my small group of about 70 friends, where everyone is silent about my RP posts except one cousin in law that is hostile. Along with the video I wrote this:

What freaks me out more than anything is the repeal of our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. All those who have sworn to defend the Constitution- are you aware of the current state of the Bill of Rights? What will you do to defend it? Ben Franklin said those who sacrifice their liberty for security deserve neither. What could possibly make you so scared that you'd willingly tear up the Constitution? Congress did it without asking us, but it seems we have not protested. Does anybody care? Yes- people are screaming their heads off, can you hear them? Can you hear me?

Some people are stubborn to

Some people are stubborn to see the truth, some are scared to admit it's there, and others are behind you and agree but fear for their own safety if they say so with Big Brother watching and the NDAA ready in hand as their ticket to the FEMA bus that takes them to camp.

I'm willing to bet that there are more patriots like us out there than we know... some people just have more balls than others, is all.

If not Now, When

Ask your friends and picture themselves Jews in Germany in 1932...then act accordingly....waiting is suicide or slavery

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Martin Luther King Jr.

So they're going to let it all go down?

Not recommended. A partiot is a scare man, ... when his cause suceeds...

ConstitutionHugger's picture

it's true

I know a cop who can't openly support RP because they are watching. Others are just scared to support the "old kook" because of the media stigma. They are afraid to look foolish. I speak out because the more of us that do, the harder it will be to arrest us all.
Ron Paul wins nomination
Ron Paul wins nomination
Ron Paul wins nomination
there, I feel better now.


Excellent and powerful video. Posted with a plea for sharing, in case some are tempted in this direction and can be moved. I think so, actually. Ron Paul, you are the real deal.

Nothing comes to those who wait.

Denise B's picture

Great Video!

I would love to share it....Does anybody know why the facebook icon at the top of all of the posts is now missing??

I don't know, but the link

I don't know, but the link under the video will take you to youtube. ;)