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BusinessWeek: One Thing Romney and Obama Agree On: Big Government

BusinessWeek: In 2012, the United States is at the end of a decade-long experiment in borrowing money to push into the economy. Now each candidate for president would like for us to believe that he is going to put an end to this profligacy. We are told that this election presents voters with a stark choice between two very different visions of government: one that is active on behalf of its citizens, and one that gets out of the way. That’s true. Yet neither offers a credible way to stop borrowing money to pay for what he wants to do.

Instead, voters must choose between a Democrat with a detailed budget plan that can’t pass in Congress—and doesn’t really attempt to unwind the spending—and a Republican challenger with a budget plan that lacks details, can’t pass in Congress, and unwinds the spending with magic. Both candidates fear the public will punish anyone who takes away what has been given so freely for the last 10 years. Obama addresses this by not doing it. A best guess at Mitt Romney’s and Paul Ryan’s budgets shows that they will address this by pretending to do it. Both would have us continue to amass debt to enact their ideas of what the economy needs—tax cuts or investment. In that way, our stark choice is really between two different versions of large government.


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Romney & Obama also agree on continuing undeclared wars.

Why doesn't the MSM ever mention the many undeclared wars that have been ongoing for decades?

Big government and undeclared wars are both in perfect harmony with both of these bank-owned puppets.

Has anyone ever noticed?

How the Republicans and the Democrats work together building larger and larger government? FDR brought in Social Security, the Republicans were opposed to it, now the Republicans will do anything to keep it funded. LBJ brought in medicare, Republicans opposed it, now the Republicans will do anything to keep it funded. If the pattern holds in a few election cycles the Republicans will do anything to keep Obamacare funded. Its like good cop bad cop, but both working together for the same objective, larger and more expensive government.


Those are my words exactly!!! I have been saying good cop - bad cop. It works on every issue. Even the Federal Reserve Audit. Harry Reid at one time was the good cop when it was an obscure proposal. But, now has to be the bad cop to stop passage. When they want something passed. They vote against their conscious i.e. Rep. Paul Ryan on the Bail Out. Barak on signing the notorious NDAA legislation. They work for the same goal. Dang RP must have went through hell being with these slime balls.
It's kinda scary knowing someone has the same thoughts.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

As long as they can keep this 2 party game going

That's how they will play it. Good Cop-Bad Cop, all the deal making is behind closed doors. If we have learned one thing from the way Ron Paul has been treated in this election is, they don't want to wreck the game. The two parties have become toxic to the Republic.

Yup - working together

Like in this picture:


Or like how Jesse Ventura says it is just like professional wrestling. Just one big show.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

The "experiment" has been running much longer than a decade

The last time the national debt was lower than at the end of a previous fiscal year was 1957.