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I suggest we make a new party, the Ron Paul party.

We all agree on the same things, conservative constitutionalism as Dr. Paul suggests. I understand trying to take over the GOP, but is that really going to happen? If this plan to infiltrate and take over the GOP doesn't work. We need a new plan.

Maybe in 5 years or so the old guard will be out and we can take more national positions?

Just frustrated with how this process is going, even after we turn out, follow the rules, and play the game. They lie, cheat and steal.

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"Maybe in 5, years, 10... maybe 100..."

And this would be any different from the Libertarian party and Constitution party how exactly. It's a waste of time and resources. The answer is NOT in politics, it is in grassroots organization and mobilization... activism works, politics takes your resources, and leaves you with nothing... Have you been paying attention to the last two presidential campaigns???

the problem is

that every time liberty minded people get something good going, it gets stolen and changed. Ex... Tea Party.

This way, we could go back and remember what it is all about...

Ron Paul Party

I Love It! :)

Best way to keep his principles alive with no one usurping the movement?

Usupation is ongoing and no party remains pure to the cause

of Individual Liberty. This is trying to use collectivism to support individualism ; the only way that individualism can thrive is for each of us to remain a party of one. Only you can truly and consistently represent you. Dr. Paul maintains that each of us must commit to always "agitate for liberty". Though we can co-operate and organize, to in-corporate is the beginning of the end.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.