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Romney's Tax Returns: It's a National Security Issue


Mitt's Taxes: Its about National Security, not how much he paid

by jgkojak

How much Mitt paid in taxes is great political theater and certainly illustrates how different Mitt's life is from the average American.

But that is NOT the most important thing about whether or not Mitt releases more tax returns.

The most important thing is NATIONAL SECURITY. And this NATIONAL SECURITY argument is how we should answer when Mitt evades the issue and tries to make it seem like its ONLY about how much he paid.

Its also about:
1) Who did Mitt do business with when making business/investment deals?
2) Are there world events that, blind trust or not, will cost Mitt money or make Mitt richer that will be influenced by his Presidency?
3) Are there places in the world where, due to Mitt's or Bain's dealings, Mitt Romney is unable to represent the interests of the United States?

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Oh, I'm loving this. Thanks for bringing the issue up again, Mitt.

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Tax is a euphenism for

Immoral extorted theft. Justifyed by a calim of false compounding national debt. National debt created at a corporate keyboard out of thin air.

Tax collected to service the false national debt. They need not money for they can digitize unlimited quanities and do out of thin air. So why the immoral extorted theft called tax.

Debt slave control mechanims, tax. Identify disent then lock the desenters down in corporate work prisons.