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COWARD Mitt Romney fled to France so he could DODGE the DRAFT

Mitt Romney doesn’t describe himself as a draft dodger. He does his best to portray an “apple pie and the flag” image of Americana. He likes to be known as Mr. Toughguy and a strong-military Republican. And so it may come as a bit of a shock to the average reader to learn that Romney wiggled out of the draft during Vietnam. It’s one of the many concussions from Boston Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman in their new book, “The Real Romney.”

Willard “Mitt” Romney started college with an academic deferment. Being at Stanford was an automatic get-out-of-war-free card for him, the reasons our country allowed college students this at the time being a worthy focus for another column. But then Romney left Stanford to go work full-time for the Mormons.


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I don't get the point

I wouldn't go to fight in some illegal and immoral war, draft or no. I have a hard time blaming R-Money for doing the same thing I would do. I also doubt he went to France to avoid the war. The Mormon church puts enormous social pressure on their young adults to donate 2 years of their life.

The hair...

gotta protect the hair.

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