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Nurse Who Treated Victims Of Batman Massacre Drowns; Was She Talking?

Thursday August 16 2012

US president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle paid tribute to Jenny and her colleagues who are credited with saving the lives of some of those injured in the massacre.
PHD student James Holmes has been charged in relation to the shootings which left 12 people dead.
However, her family has now been plunged into a sense of grief of their own. Jenny was out swimming in a lake close to her home when she is believed to have drowned.

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To those foolish enough to

To those foolish enough to believe the official story because they can't concieve of the gov trying to hatch a plan where they actually kill Americans to further a political agenda... need I remind you of Fast and Furious?

Hell, just say "Need I remind

Hell, just say "Need I remind you almost every apprehended 'bomber' since 9/11". They've put thousands and thousands more lives at risk just playing a game to make themselves look like they're "keeping back the tide of terrorism".

There's one point about the

There's one point about the batman shooting I haven't seen pointed out yet:

Why was the shooter wearing a mask?

When a criminal wears a mask, it's to hide his identity in order to get away with the crime...

But in this case, he wore a mask - only to walk outside, not make a run for it, take the mask off, and wait patiently by his car for police to arrive.

And then he warned them about the highly sophisticated booby-traps he set up in his house... Because murderers like to spend days painstakingly setting up booby-traps only to warn people about the TRAP. Keyword "trap", meaning its meant to catch people by surprise.


Not that I believe for one

Not that I believe for one second anything the @#$%ing gov has said about this.... but he was wearing a gas mask... and throwing tear gas into the crowd so... ya.

On the other hand, why where two gas masks found? Why is the guy's father a key witness in the Libor scandle who could have locked up tons of these bankster scum? Why is that little box full of drawings depicting him shooting up a theatre only going to be allowed or disallowed as evidence next month AFTER the kids father is supposed to give his testimony? Is it going to be death penalty or a trip to the puzzle factory? Somehow I imagine that depends on what sort of evidence the man provides against the Banksters.

Ah ok...

Makes sense then if it was a gas mask, I didn't know that part. Got excited for a second thinking I thought of something everyone else overlooked :)

Accepting any media story on face-value is ignorant of history

However, I see little value to Ron Paul (or anything else) by publically casting doubt on this story.

If the government tries to use such stories as justification to take away our guns, we merely can use the stories as justification to have more guns.

BTW: The first thing I did when I heard the story was go see The Dark Knight Rises without one iota of fear in my heart. Whether is be some nut case or the government, I will not be terrorized nor will I give up my arms.

Bill Colby Went Canoeing

after he told his wife he was going to bed. Body was "found" days after the canoe was found, without his typical life jacket.

Was it this woman's custom to go swimming without her family? Did her family witness the drowning? Lots of details missing from the story--always watch what they DONT tell you.

I was just thinking about

Kenny Johannemann or Barry Jennings

To those who shun any suspicion at all...

Many have been charged and convicted entirely by circumstances, MO, and without the corpus! That means by the circumstances being so odd, the method of operation so precise, and without even a body to prove the person is actually dead!

Under the circumstances, and given Patrick Henry's timeless quote, any consideration of mischief in this young lady's death is not without merit!

The only thing lacking is more investigation and attempts to rule out foul play... IE: trying to prove it was accidental is as good a method as trying to prove it was not!

Many cases have gone unsolved for lack of attention to these simple truths of logic! Once an alibi seems to exonerate one suspect or motive, the case languishes for lack of logical thinking on the part of investigators. Then sits cold for years only to be solved ultimately by such simple logic once the facts fall into their lap, that it properly tarnishes the investigators who failed to be suspicious in the first place.

Unfortunately, and especially in the politics of murder and power, the powers that be, along with their perpetrators, rely heavily upon this very weakness in the population!

Ultimately however, even the most secret truth will be made known!


Nurses tend to suck it up like soldiers tend to do. It makes them vulnerable to the kind of experience she had just gone through.

So many people were involved in the aftermath, it would not be surprising for some of them to die within days or months of the event, especially given the stress.

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you should write for popular mechanics.


well that's pretty much the only reasonable conclusion

(once you remove the obvious conclusion)


if you think that the govt sent a tactical team into a theater, shot 70 people then planted a brainwashed college student outside to take the fall. The hundreds of witnesses and fist responders, investigators, doctors and media are all being forced to keep quiet or they are part of it.. Just so they can push for stricter gun control laws!

Reason is something I don't see a lot of here


Ok, let's use our brains for a second, but don't hurt yourself.

First, nobody said it was a tactical team - it was a lone shooter. The only person who said there might have been more than one person was a WITNESS.

Secondly, what exactly are you forcing the witnesses to keep quiet about? Considering they couldn't identify who the shooter was since he was wearing a MASK... You know, those things that cover your FACE.

The irony of your last sentence is comical.


one or two witnesses suggested their was a second shooter conspiracy nuts jump to the conclusion their were multiple shooters (team)

Same nuts are suggesting this nurse new some "truth" about what happened and was about to go public... The government killed her to cover their tracks and set it up to be a drowning. I am pointing out how retarded that is

Retarded in what

Retarded in what sense?

Because you don't believe the government would ever kill people?

And if they did you don't believe they would try to cover it up?


... Because the obvious

... Because the obvious conclusion is always whatever the "official" story is. God forbid we question authority.

Halloween's coming up, maybe you should dress up as a sheep

it's not about what the "official" story is

It's about which conclusion is 792 times as likely as the conclusion you are desperate to make. Based on the population of that area and drowning statistics, there have probably been 5-10 drowning deaths in the Denver metro area since the shooting happened. The chances of one of them having a small Kevin Bacon number connecting them to the shooting is quite large.

There were not in Denver CO.

There were not in Denver CO. They were vacationing in Ohio.

nice catch - it was probably an assassination then

That blows my theory out of the water, especially since the drowning rate in Ohio is slightly lower than that of Colorado. Even though the Ohio drowning rate is many orders of magnitude higher than the Ohio targeted political assassination rate, that's EXACTLY why they waited until she went to Ohio to do the deed. They figured no one would ever connect the dots.

Not what it says here

that says...

That says that 46 Coloradans die from drowning each year. About half of the population of Colorado lives in the Denver metro area. Let's say 24 drowning deaths a year in that area. Roughly 50% of yearly drowning deaths occur in June, July, and August. That's about 4 on average in each of those months. So maybe my 5-10 estimate was a tad high. It's probably actually in the 3-6 range. I'll revise my estimate of likelihood of government assassination based on that updated evidence - now it's only 438 times less likely than that it was an accident, instead of 792.

What about the rates for female adults?

Doesn't that significantly reduce the likeliness?

that reduces it a little

But the fact that she was SWIMMING IN A LAKE increases the likelihood a lot, and I forgot to factor that into my initial computation (silly me). We're now over 1000.

Don't try reasoning with these people

their were hundreds of people connected with this shooting, witnesses, victims first responders ect. When one of these people die 5 years from now in a car accident these nuts will still come to the conclusion that person was going to "talk" and was killed by the govt. Trying to argue with the unreasonable is a waste of time

What about the stastistical

What about the stastistical odds of the shooter being the child of a key witness in the LIBOR scandle?

What about the statistical odds of a judge deciding to admit evidence that will mean the differance between insanity and death AFTER said key-witness is scheduled to give his testimony against the Banksters?

What do Iowa statistics say about that?

Here's another statistic for you. Odds of government lying: 100%

Odds of Banksters doing whatever it takes to save their skin: 100%

Odds of the richest men in the world being able to hire whomever they want to do whatever they want: 100%

Odds of bought-and-paid-for beuracrates and upper level law enforcment/politicians doing what they are told by those who pay their bribe money and probably hold tons of blackmail over them: 100%

News flash. Government is corrupt. The Banking empire is even more corrupt. Money talks.

Oh Jeez

I am probably going to get flamed for this but:


We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell

what day did his dad testify?

or I mean ... what day was he supposed to testify before the government pulled these shenanigans? What was the day? What was the exact hearing? Where is the public evidence that such a hearing was scheduled? Or did they scrub all evidence from the Senate website? Convenient, isn't it? That's just like them to do something like that.

Suspicion.... by Patrick Henry!

'Suspicion is a virtue if it is in the interests of the good of the people.' ~ Patrick Henry

What evidence is there that

What evidence is there that this is a conspiracy?

For people who are supposedly adept at critical thinking, some of the posts on here and the fact that they get consistently voted up despite the fact that they're total nonsense is amazing.

“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” -George Bernard Shaw