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Rachel Maddow was on the show Totally Biased

Its a new show on FX. Video is not on the web so I summarized it for everyone and quoted the best parts.

She talked about how she tries to be funny to the extent that it helps her explain things. "I try to use enough humor to keep people interested in stuff they other wise would be bored by."

W. Kamau Bell asked her about Paul Ryan and she spoke the truth...really intelligent

She promoted her new book Drift.

"This arguement that is in this book is that we go to war too much and the country is to divorced from the fact we go to war to much. Its an arguement that I felt like I was not able to make on TV. I can say whatever I want, but I needed to do it in writing, at length, over 200 pages, connecting a whole buch of things. I had to get this off my chest."

I just 'liked' her facebook page!


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the only nice thing about Ron Paul not being the presumptive

nominee is that Rachel isn't crucifying him right now- because if he was- she would be raking him over the coals instead of Romney...mercilessly.

You didn't build dat!

That's my new way of saying TRUE DAT!