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Libertarian candidate for Veep courts ‘cannabis vote’ in state

Libertarian vice presidential candidate Judge Jim Gray stopped in Denver last Thursday to tour medical marijuana centers and facilities, highlighting the importance of the ‘cannabis vote’ as the party struggles to be included in the presidential debates.

Gray stumped for Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, a former two-term New Mexico governor, stopping at least three medical marijuana centers where he pleaded with marijuana advocates for their support. The cannabis vote could help with the Libertarian Party’s polling as the party fights to meet the 15 percent national polling threshold set by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Libertarians support the medical and recreational legalization of marijuana.

Johnson is currently polling at 5.3 percent nationwide, according to a recent JZ Analytics poll. But his supporters point out that when Ross Perot was included in the 1992 presidential debates — the last time a third party or independent candidate was included — Perot was polling at only around 7 percent.


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