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My sincere attempt to reach out to my Facebook friends about our debt crisis

Let me know what you think. Thanks to bytejockey( for the opening sentence!


The last time the national debt was lower than at the end of a previous fiscal year was 1957. Spending problem? I think so.

Paul Ryan's budget plan would take an estimated 20 years to get the budget balanced. In case you didn't know what a balanced budget means, it's when total revenue equals or exceeds total expenditures. So Paul Ryan seems to think that it will take 20 years of annual deficit reduction in order to have a balanced budget where revenue exceeds spending. But this is Ryan's plan that was proposed through the House, it is not the plan Mitt Romney has adopted for his campaign. So when would the budget be balanced under a Romney administration? Romney's campaign answer: we would put the federal government on a course toward a balanced budget ( What a joke. This man is running for President and can't even give us a detailed solution to the debt crisis. But he's still better than Obama, right?

Speaking of Obama, his plan is no better. His strategy is "job creation now, deficit reduction soon." His plan would reduce deficits from $1.33 trillion in FY 2012 to $575 billion by FY 2018 ( So in 6 more years, the deficit would be cut in half and - if this trend can be maintained - would take another 6 years to get to a balanced budget. So Obama proclaims the budget can be balanced in 12 years.

Obama - 12 years. Mitt - say's he'll get us on the right path meanwhile his VP is saying 20 years.

I'm 24 years old. Most of my friends on here are in their mid 20s. Both options we have for President are claiming they can balance the budget. However neither one of them would even be office to see their plans through to completion. We can no longer kick the tin can down the road and pass the burden off to the next generation. We've been doing that for over 50 years, making the same commitments that we'll balance the budget in the next 10 years but do we ever? Can't you see that these con-artists who run for president every election year have no principle. They don't mean what they say. They don't care about keeping promises. They don't care about accountability. They just want your vote. To them, being successful is winning. And once they win, we lose. The people lose. When they finish their oath of office, they've achieved all they every aspired to achieve. They don't care about how history will remember them. They've won the title of being leader of the free world but don't want or care to LEAD the free world.

We might see a balanced budget in our lifetime but we'll never know for sure as long as all they talk about is future deficit cuts instead of cuts to spending now. And as long as the conversation continues in this manner, I do know this: taxes will increase, poverty will increase, regulation will increase, and our freedoms will decline in order to preserve and protect the common interest. Mark my words. Wake up. See through the bullshit!

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Are any of your Facebook friends national delegates?

If they are, tell them that Ron Paul is the only candidate who would actually cut the debt.

This article is a couple months old but it's more relevant now than ever.

Very Good.

I think me and you are on the same page. I am turning 24 real soon and have the same talks with my friend who do not get it. A lot of people our age are aware but most are not. I am currently trying the same thing with my friends by blogging and sharing with them. It means a bit more I think when it comes from a familiar voice. Anything we can do to try to wake up people is productive.

I got a wordpress blog and then just bought a domain name for 20 bucks in line with the theme of my blog. Easily a worthwhile investment.

I should start doing some debt-based articles. You can find it at