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Rand Paul Threatens Abby Martin with Arrest, Suspention of Press Credentials for Asking Touch Questions (VIDEO)

Rand Paul Threatens Abby Martin with Arrest, Suspention of Press Credentials for Asking Touch Questions (Video)


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Abby Martin

Rocks & rolls, and if Rand is smart he'll go out of his way to make nice and do an intelligent, sit down interview with her. She's sharp as a tack, and she'll give him a fair shake if he only meets her halfway. Go watch Ben Swann and Abby Martin's interview for integrity personified. Man up Rand, Abby is someone you want on your side, and she is only waiting for you to be half the gentleman your dad is to give you a boost.

College educated robots

Emalvini, suspension. Go back to school and stop posting talking heads of kids who just want face time. Thanks youtube for giving idiots with nothing better to do an outlet to show how empty their soul's are.


^^^^^ THIS !^^^^^^

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

it was a legit question, they have the right to ask

I like rand, but he did not react well to this situation, not sure why.


The police state came down on Abby for asking a question. Rand has been great on drones and a lot of issues but he has to cut down on his mistakes. Sometimes the football team that wins is the one that has less penalties. Wanting to have a duel with Rachel Maddow? Sending the dogs after Abby? Aqua-Buddha? Please Rand, get a grip so your very good work doesn't get diminished. I prefer Rand's policies slightly to those of Ted Cruz but I don't see Cruz getting taken down over these little issues. Rand has to be thicker skinned. I know it's got to be really tough at Rand's level but a presidential run is a winnowing process.

my message to "we are change"

Its called "blow back"....

You went after him first with your ambush tactics and it came back to bite you in the butt. No sympathy from me...and its clear to me now that you also have an agenda.

Who wants to get killed by the Bilderberg group?

This video is a bunch of crap. Anyone knows you don't just go off spouting off things with no evidence and you don't name your enemies. If you go off telling people you dislike like you might create more enemies and obstacles for yourself. Think of this; Do you go to work or school and tell the people in the room I don't like you and you? No you don't.

If your in politics your going to play the middle ground and try and to a please everyone. You will create alliances that will create less obstacles for yourself. Once in power if you betray the people who put you in power, you should expect death or you get rid of everyone that put you in power, one or the two.



Southern Agrarian

rand robots have their heads

rand robots have their heads in the sand. There was nothing wrong with abbys questions unless you are gop establishment.

Ron Paul 2016

this does nothing but make me question

if wearechange isn't a member of the Bilderburg group.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

These people

are an absolute worthless waste of time.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

I chose Rand over Abby



Isn't this one of those

Isn't this one of those gotcha situations that typifies partisan reporting? Is anyone supposed to see this as anything other than a hit piece on Rand Paul? Isn't this obvious? What's the story here?

On second thought, for Rand Paul supporters the story is that he faces savage opponents in a nasty political climate who will club together and do whatever they can to stop him.

I think Rand Paul's position was that he should try a little diplomatic compromising with the GOP--after they freaked out over the strength of his father's primary campaign and resorted to an avalanche of dishonest measures to stop the will of the people from being heard--and for many these acts damaged the GOP brand beyond repair. The good news is that Rand's efforts to mollify the GOP are being rebuffed. With so many disaffected Democrats and Republicans finding their home among the Libertarians, the stage is set for major change. So the question this video prompts is: can the Liberty Party emerge full grown and armed, like Minerva from the head of Zeus, in time for the next election?


Why have you resurrected this old anti-Rand piece?

Why have you resurrected this old anti-Rand piece?

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


Exactly right.

You bet

It was for me as well


Apparently Abby prefers walking the streets stalking senators, armed with "simple" loaded questions, designed to undermine, twist, provoke drama, and ultimately harm her target, rather than make an appointment to get an interview that asks respectful, sensitive questions, allowing the target to respond in a thoughtful way to explain a complicated situation. In this case, why Rand would endorse Romney over his father.

Rand has explained this for anyone who is interested, but that of course, is beyond the desperate actions of street stalker trash "reporter" like Abby.

Rand has every right to not answer Abby, to protect himself from street hits like Abby.

Rand's endorsement of Romney didn't have jack to do with Romney. It was a message to the Ron Paul Republicans who not only joined the GOP, but are new in the GOP, took committee seats, became credentialed delegates, and are running for offices. We all know the GOP does NOT want us in their party, on their seats, and in their offices. They did not apply their rules to Ron Paul, they ignored him. They are not going to ignor us, but use every means available to them legally and illegally to remove us from the GOP.

We have signed oaths to the Constitution, the GOP/ by-laws of each committee/ loyalty, and 470/ will not commit pergury.

As this election continues, many of us were continuing to promote Ron Paul, even when he lost the election and the committee had rightfully or NOT, nominated Romney.

According to the by-laws, the committee has a right to REMOVE a member for supporting or campaigning for any candidate they have not chosen.

So Rand's endorsement was a warning for us: They will OUT you for supporting Ron Paul if they have decided Romney is the nominee.

Here in CA, the committees say NOTHING (yet) Though Romney's campaign is based in CA, the CA secretary of State has on her web page that Romney IS THE NOMINEE. I wrote the sec of state two weeks ago asking how that happened before the convention, and have received NO response. But I do KNOW, that in CA Romney is officially THE nominee, thus I know my committee (none of them wanted Romney) will remove me from my seat if I continue to promote Ron Paul.

The only way to have any future Ron Paul Republicans is by those committee seats, the LP does not even have a committee here.

It takes time and a sharp, respectful, interviewer to get this information to wee the people. That is not Abby.

Abby Martin is not trash you

Abby Martin is not trash you fool. Go back to reading the 9/11 Commission Report and other official hymns of our exceptional nation.

She just acts like it

911 Commission Report is BS and we all know that.. I have my conspiracy ideas and they are not 911 Truth's. I'd LOVE to have a real 911 debate but those seem to be stuck between those who believe the buildings came down by Islam or Jews.

So what I'm not a fan of Abby and don't find this vid doing her any favors, I'm not a fan of Starbucks and don't see them going out of business anytime soon..