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Prehistoric Brain Found Pickled in Bog

Prehistoric Brain Found Pickled in Bog

A brain in near-perfect condition is found in a skull of a person who was decapitated over 2,600 years ago.

By Jennifer Viegas
Wed Apr 6, 2011 05:30 AM ET


One of the world's best preserved prehistoric human brains was recently found in a waterlogged U.K. pit.

The brain belonged to an Iron Age man who was hanged and then decapitated, with his head falling in the pit shortly thereafter.

Scientists believe that submersion in liquid, anoxic environments helps to preserve human brain tissue.

A human skull dated to about 2,684 years ago with an "exceptionally preserved" human brain still inside of it was recently discovered in a waterlogged U.K. pit, according to a new Journal of Archaeological Science study.

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