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Well, Barry, it's been four years...

well, barry, it's been four years,
what have you given us besides hopeless fears?
we gave you a chance to prove "hope and change",
but your definition of "hope" is strange.

you "gave" us solyndra, cost us five hundred million,
your good buddy George is, to the taxpayers, a villian.
you allowed smuggled guns into the hands of the cartel,
rest in peace Brian, you served your country well.

you've trampled on our freedom,
wiped your butt on the Constitution,
now you want re-elected,
but you're the problem, NOT the solution....

we elected you as president,
instead, you want to be dictator...
good government should mean, less is spent-
you turned a hamburger into a baconator...

are you unpatriotic, as you called mr. bush,
when our deficit grew way too fast?
did you think our economy just needed a push,
and the stimulus just sounded like it would be a blast?

your crony capitalism only works for a few,
luckily, those few work for and with you.
so while you're on the golf course, your presidential game,
think of all the poor masses, you deserve all the blame.

instead of transparency, you gave us corrupt.
instead of prosperity, you made us bankrupt.
in place of "hope", you gave hopeless fears-
do you really think we should give you four more years?

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Well, I for one am pleased to

Well, I for one am pleased to live in a world where the ape overlords allow us to work and have a good education.

"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear." - Benjamin Franklin

Why attack Obama? The first objective is to beat the neocons

Then we can beat the neolibs.

4 more years of Obama, or 8 years of Romney?

Ron Paul, please.

"Meet Barack Obama"

"At the highest level Mr. Obama codified, through both continuation of, and failure to prosecute, the worst of the Bush / Cheney administration’s war crimes, domestic crimes, civil intrusions and economic policies. When Mr. Obama entered office he had the opportunity to repudiate these crimes and restore the illusion that America has ever been a civilized nation. America’s global torture prisons have been moved out of sight but not out of fact (link). The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq remain illegal wars of aggression undertaken to boost the fortunes of multi-national oil companies and the slaughter-for-profit military industry. The war in Afghanistan has been expanded under Mr. Obama and the war in Iraq was only ended against his wishes by Bush era treaties. And U.S. foreign policy remains the preeminent force of repression and unjust order overseas."