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This McCarthyesque mudslinging and witch-hunting has got to stop here!

It seems that any topic posted here that even vaguely mentions other options for the Presidency immediately gets down-voted, and the original poster is deemed a "troll". I have seen many members here, some whom I have read topics and posts from when I was a silent lurker 4 or 5 years ago, be completely disrespected and shot down for posing legitimate questions and concerns about the future of the Liberty Movement. Is this really what we are about? To my understanding, this site is slowly transforming into a LIBERTY forum that is INSPIRED by Ron Paul.

I am loyal to only Ron Paul at this moment, and the increasingly active Johnson supporters do nothing to convince me otherwise. Are people so insecure in their own convictions that they feel they must blindly sling mud at any individual who begins to stray from "the script"? To me, an environment like this is precisely what were already fighting against. If we have any chance of growing this movement beyond the 2012 election cycle, we are going to have to abandon this divisive narrow-minded attitude.

As they say, "we are getting older". Faces of leadership will come and go, and while we shall never forget the great minds that influenced and inspired the movement, we must be able and willing to move forward. I will be by Ron Paul's side until the very end, but I will not plug my ears and go "nananana" to anyone that wishes to throw in their own opinion. I hope you all are willing to do the same.

Onward to the Republican National Convention!

And as always, for liberty

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"Come on liberty lover and

"Come on liberty lover and join the fight!...... Just as long as its our own brand of liberty!", yeah, that sounds like a winning message. A lot of you have to be willing to listen more.