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An Open Letter to Dr Paul by Veterans for Ron Paul 2012 on Friday, August 17, 2012 at 12:20pm ·

Dear Dr Paul,

On President's Day, February 20th, 2012, hundreds of Veterans For Ron Paul and thousands of supporters marched on the White House to do an about face, turn their backs on the Commander In Chief, Barack Obama, honor the troops who have committed suicide, and show the world why Ron Paul was the choice of the troops. This was an entirely grassroots event done with no material support from your campaign. Since then, we have been planning on marching on the Republican National Convention to support your candidacy.

The movement that you inspired is also the movement that made your campaign possible with monetary contributions, but more importantly, with the passionate, generous, donations of the blood sweat and tears that got the campaign where it is today. That is the movement that is behind PaulFest, and you even personally called one of the organizers to express support, only to create not one, but now three official events to compete with it. If this were an isolated incident, it could be dismissed as a miscommunication, but the lack of communication or attempt to make amends with the organizers would not be explained.

This has been part of a long train of abuses not suffered lightly by those you have inspired to fight for liberty and stand up for ourselves. From the misspent funds, to the poor organization, to the abandonment of delegates, to the questionable endorsements, to the generally derisive attitude that your staff has shown towards the people that ultimately pay their salaries, it has been one thing after another that makes it difficult to support your efforts.

While the grassroots of this movement have followed you enthusiastically into the Republican Party, it was to change the status quo, not to become it. On Monday, August 27th, the first day of the RNC, we will be amassed at the site of PAULfest, hundreds of veterans and active duty troops, (many of whom made arrangements months ago to take leave and fly from duty stations all too far across the globe) and thousands of supporters, as planned, prepared to march on the RNC in your honor, to salute you for your tireless decades of service to the cause of liberty, but as long as you run away from those who support your campaign, we will not march. The campaign has made it clear that you only want the grassroots support on your exact terms. We await your leadership.

In liberty,

Veterans for Ron Paul

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I like much of Adams work.

I like much of Adams work. That said he needs to stop the campaign Ron Paul hits... If he thinks he can do better he needs to run for office. I look forward to nominating Adam from the floor in 2016.

not sure why this was downvoted...


Because we respect diversity...

in everything but thought... Just like those we proclaim to despise, apparently...


I wish you the best.

This year has culminated in a groundswell of emotion. If Ron Paul happens to win the nomination, 95% of that emotion will be spent constructively in efforts to deliver Ron the keys to 1600 Penn. I just hope - in the event things don't work out in Tampa - that people can refocus their attention and effort in active ways rather than lingering in different stages of depression and recovery.

Let's keep this train rollin' full steam ahead.

Hogwash..... Ron Paul can be

Hogwash..... Ron Paul can be nominated from the floor in Tampa...... 2008 not so much... Winning!

Adam has right to be

Adam has right to be angry/disappointed. We all do. A lot of us vets/reservists/active duty have gotten into hot water with our chains of command for being avowed Constitutionalists.

People who love petty power--and there are plenty of these in the military I can assure you...--do not like to be reminded that there is a law (the Supreme Law of the Land) that trumps their random orders.

So the military who have supported Ron Paul have every right to be dismayed by the treatment they have received from the campaign. Does this change our strategic commitment to Liberty? Of course not. But it does alter our tactics at this juncture.

I was on the fence about going to Tampa to stand with my brethren... now I've pretty much decided I will not. If I did, I would likely end up getting into some sort of confrontation with the police--just by participating in a peaceful march--and for what??? Ron may be the "choice of the troops," but unfortunately the troops don't appear to be the "choice of the campaign."

I've got better things to go to jail for. We've all got to pick our battles, and I don't think this is one worth fighting, in this way, any more. It's disappointing, but there are better uses for scarce resources.

Seems to me that's basically what Adam's saying too.

Dr. Paul is fighting for you.

Adam's opinions of campaign decisions are colored by his emotions. Ron Paul went stealth in order to give delegates a chance to vote for someone besides Romney in Tampa. Otherwise, his campaign would have taken more fire and would have been destroyed.


I understand you've "got better things to go to jail for" than standing up for Liberty and for the rightful benefits promised to you, especially in the event you should be in need of good medical attention in the future, as Dr. Paul has promised to restore for you and everybody else.

Mouthing off to superiors isn't helping you or anybody in your position. If you take your oath seriously, I hope you will prove that when the S hits the fan and you get orders to come after us!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

When I get responses like

When I get responses like this it must mean I still need to become a far better writer, or find a better way to express myself. Because you clearly missed the point of what I was trying to say.

In no place did I say I espoused "mouthing off to superiors," nor that I was unwilling to go to jail/participate in civil disobedience for the cause of Liberty. I simply suggested that this venue--a march of the troops that is really not desired by the "powers that be" in the campaign--is probably no longer the best use of our energies.

Can you get that, Nonna? How about we try to have a constructive conversation here about what yields the best results, instead of spouting off spiteful irrationalities?

Agreed, except I am not irrational.

The restrictions being imposed in Tampa will probably make a March impossible, at this point. I believe The Granger was correct when she suggested that Adam was unable to get a permit to allow the March to take place. So, that is not what set me off.

What did upset me was your refusal to go to Tampa in support of Dr. Paul, when you have the opportunity to do it. Your comment sounded like Adam's bitter grapes, more than anything else. Adam is leading good people away from Ron Paul BEFORE Tampa.

I respect your decision to help the Liberty cause in other ways. I just wish you would do that AFTER Tampa is concluded, and not before. Otherwise, it just causes more divisiveness which does not yield the best of results.

If you cannot agree with me, then we can only agree to disagree.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Fair enough, Nonna. Perhaps

Fair enough, Nonna. Perhaps my frustration has just gotten the best of me. So much time, money, and effort--truly blood, sweat, and tears--has been spent by so many for ultimate ends that I'm not sure we bargained for...

I guess it just comes down to a loss of trust. Perhaps my mistake was placing trust in men and not ideals alone. Lesson learned.

I may yet go, in spite of it all...

Good Luck, friend in Liberty.

Try to stay positive and focused.

I think we've all felt the frustration you are feeling. Don't let the negative overwhelm the positive in any area of life, much less politics and this election.

I hope you will go to Tampa as a Ron Paul supporter, just like Dr. Paul asked. But, whatever you decide to do, just make sure you're okay with that decision because you will have to live with it. What is right for one isn't always right for someone else.

Thank you, my friend in Liberty!

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

The campaign declared WAR on the grassroots...

And people on here are saying that Ron Paul DOESN'T need the grassroots...

THAT is what is "leading good people away from Ron Paul" NOW!!!

No it did not

The campaign's plan from the beginning was to grow grassroots into a liberty tree within the GOP to restore America, give long time Libertarians an opportunity to become establishment, and begin vetting OUR principles into issues and candidates for our ballots.

Too many grassroots REFUSED to do what the campaign asked, prefering to remain a fan club.

The campaign respected your choice and continued on with those who did what RON PAUL and the campaign asked ALL of us to do, Join the GOP, get a committee seat, and become a national delegate.

If you did not do this, your name was not on the list of the campaign, because the campaign KNOWS what it is up against and what it needed to win. The campaign KNEW this was not going to be easy, and it has not been.

Those who think this was some easy slam dunk because Ron Paul has so many fans, underestimated how many in the establishment HATE Ron Paul and have declared WAR on him, his campaign, his son, his delegates, his committee seats, and the national delegates, least of all the grassroots, who have had it easiest of all.

Good luck!

Good luck trying to get the powerful to appeal to your self interest instead of their own...

Don't you get it! They told them to throw away his strength, the grassroots. So now he is powerless, and they get to dictate the terms, and keep him marginalized in their box.

If that is what all of this is for, it was a LIE, and a WASTE of other people's time and money!

You can insult and hate everyone who calls people out for this, that is your prerogative. But they have that right to show their displeasure for compromising and excommunicating the heart of the movement, for the faint promise of a seat at the table, which they are already disqualified for and will NEVER ever come!

Good luck attaching yourself to the dark side. And when they want to get rid of you, no one will be there for you either, since you have decided against your best interest to cut off your nose to spite your face.

I think that it is you who do not get it

You see those by-laws work both ways.. knowing Roberts Rules of Order, it's not about what THEY want, but how you work those rules.

Of course there are wins and losses, but when you are focused, as Ron Paul has focused us on those seats (and Rand) we, because now there are 5 Ron Paul Republicans showing up, two seated, three about to be seated, we are about to outPOWER them, and they know it.

So far, we have had several local ballot victories, and so this is a HUGE accomplishment that would have not been possible had Ron Paul not invited us to join. THEY would have NEVER invited us to join, but now that we are there, we are a FORCE to be reconned with, and as we grow, THEY are fighting with NO reinforcement joining them.

YOU give the power that be way too much credit.

I have not insulted anyone, nor do I hate anyone. I don't appreciate the apathy and discouragement, but I'm tougher than most of you, apparently.

It is we who are fighting on the front line and I suggest you become supportive of us rather than side with the Neocons and put us down. Just because YOU feel outpowered, and therefore give in to the darkside, at least we are engaged and fighting, despite YOU and them


Get off your MSM influence and join us or succumb to the dark side alone.

And who is purging the grassroots

saying they aren't needed... pot meet kettle...

Self purge

Either you're going to take Ron Paul and his PLAN seriously, join the liberty tree, by getting a committee seat, or remain grassroots/ outside.

After all, whose liberty are you fighting for?

My own.

whether you join or not. Prefer that you would, but I understand not everyone is cut out to actually do what Ron Paul asked us to do to restore America.

Maybe you've got a better plan?


Yes, being a nat on Mitt Romney's behind...

is the path to liberty for all... I must be missing something, but I sure can SMELL it!

Yep, you are missing something

being you're too busy with your head up your butt (clue to what you smell).

According to you, you want Neocons on those seats. You need, prefer, work hard, to make sure those Noecons have those seats, and if a Ron Paul Republican takes a seat away... well, YOU say, that Ron Paul Republican has their head up Romney's butt. Why? Because YOU really want the Neocons to win.

To you, those are Neocons seats and how dare anyone, especially a Ron Paul Republican, who shouldn't even be in the GOP, but be a nothing Indy or a LP nowhere member, attempt to take that power away from the neocons. Not you, You won't. You will do EVERYTHING in your power to assure the neocons, those seats are THEIRS and THEIRS alone. No one can have a seat but them. You want them to give us Romney and Ryan.. those are your Neocons boys because hey... gives us four more years of Obama.. and that's cool to you. Yes siree!

And in 2016? Neocons RULE!!! That's right. Get those Ron Paul Republicans off those neocons Romney seats NOW so the Neocons can give us Romney again, or maybe the Neocons can abandon those seats and give us a permanant Democratic Party with another term of Obama.

What's important to you, is that no Ron Paul Republican get power. That's strictly for the Neocons. More POWER to Neocons is your motto.

Excuse me for spoiling your Romeny Neocon LOVE POWER fest. NOT!!!!

It's their party...

they will do whatever they choose. Didn't you read where Ron Paul Delegates were THROWN OUT!!! Guess those delegates were pussies for not standing their ground. Uh-huh, tell us another one!

Uh huh, because you want it to be their party

I am a national Delegate, listed as a RON PAUL REPUBLICAN DELEGATE CA district 2, Sec of State web page, who got tossed with the entire state of CA Ron Paul delegates. The ones in Tampa are many like me,, seated on central committees and why theuy weren't tossed.

I've still got my seat and I'm still in this good fight.

Are you talking about the delegates who didn't get a committee seat.. did ALL THE WORK, BUT DIDN'T GO TO A MEETING, So, no one knew them. Not one committee memeber could vouch for them? The same ones who ran to Richard Gilbert who lost the case?

Are they pussies? Maybe. Why not get a committee seat, since they did all the work (I showed up for a year as a visitor, took roll call and moved to unseat the ones who didn't show up)? They could have, so why didn't they go to a meeting? I don't know. Several folks here advised them to forget Gilbert's federal suit, as Ron Paul would never do what Richard was attempting, and take the committee to their local courts. they didn't.

I would have. I even asked Gilbert, "Since you live in CA, why aren't you taking on Sec of State putting Romney up as THE Nominee weeks ago... no answer.

But I get you, you want neocons in power not Ron Paul Republicans.

If the ends justify the means...

You've already lost, Rand...

I love Rand

What have you won?

If you like the taste of Mitt Romney's ass...

that is your prerogative.

Rand's 1st speech was on the virtue of not compromising, and he compromises before Ron has even gotten to the convention. I don't see why you are taking this personal. What do YOU get out of it? If they came for you tomorrow, you think either Paul would stop them... They cannot or will not help us, WE have to help ourselves...

It's you who loves Mitt's ass

It's why you refuse to take a seat, as you want the Neocons to have all the power.

So what's your plan? I understand your plan is NOT Ron Paul's plan. So what's YOUR plan?

I completely agree with this.

Please watch the video Allegory posted below.

EBs and I made arrangements($) to attend all the festivities. We just hope the things are not totally canceled at this point. It has been shocking to see the last minute changes that have been made by the campaign. If these changes were due to the GOP's belligerence than why was Jesse spouting off accolades on how wonderful they were with allowing Ron Paul to speak(pre-convention) at the Sun Dome?

Official Statement?

Is this an official statement of Veterans for Ron Paul? I can't find the open letter on any other website.

You said:

"you [Ron Paul] even personally called one of the organizers to express support, only to create not one, but now three official events to compete with it. If this were an isolated incident, it could be dismissed as a miscommunication, but the lack of communication or attempt to make amends with the organizers would not be explained. "

I can explain it:

"Paul Festival is a NON-PROFIT project of Liberty Unleashed PAC."

Candidates are forbidden by law to communicate or coordinate with PACs.

You said:

"This has been part of a long train of abuses..."

Seriously? Sheez. A bit melodramatic huh?

Who are you? Did some committee from Veterans for Ron Paul vet this "open letter". Somehow I doubt they would let a letter slide by that suggested Ron Paul has already broken election laws (communicating with a PAC) and chastising him for not breaking the law further and jeopardizing his election chances, including any possible third party.

How many Veterans for Ron Paul people were shown this letter for editing and approval prior to release?

If this was a lone cowboy project then I think it might be advisable in the future to have it screened by capable persons beforehand. If several VFRP persons approved this letter then maybe new more astute people should be appointed within VFRP to screen and approve formal group statements.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

It's on youtube

Before judging someone, and labeling them as melodramatic, you might try to understand where and what they've been through in this movement. Adam makes it clear in his video to all. He's done a hell of a lot in spreading RP messages. He's also changed minds and helped people understand the truth and see through the media lies. To say Adam has championed Dr. Paul for years is an understatement.
To be honest, I learned a LOT about RP from Adam. And yes, he is part of what made me donate as much as I did/could, and support RP like I've never done for any other candidate in my life. I'd put money on it that I'm not the only one either. That's not to say that I didn't do my own homework, but it was from Adam that I learned how and where to look and what to look for. I learned other important information from him too. He's been at the heart of movement, for better and for worse, and he's been a turnkey player in the movement for the vet for RP. And he's done it on his own dime.

He has a right to voice his opinions (for now anyway); lets not judge until we've walked a mile in someone else's shoes. His heart is in the right place, but things have happened that have broken it a little.