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Fmr. Marine Arrested By FBI For Patriotic Facebook Posts! Share Everywhere!

Just in on the Josh Tolley Show. Interview with mom. He talked about how the Govt. lies. Was not read his rights; sent to a psych hospital.


Arrest video below:




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LIVE interview today 19 August 2012...

with Brandon's Family members and spokesperson on Freedom Broadcasting Network.

The interview with Brandon's mother will be at 5PM EASTERN today 19 August 2012.




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Brandon Raub's Mom Just Posted This:


Cathleen Thomas
Wowie Cowie
I want to share this with everyone . It was a response to the post about the news paper story and thought you all might want to read it..............................................Pam Forrest writes:...........
So, according to this story, "no abc agency, nor any police dept." arrested this guy on any charges or suspicion of any crime; just "questioned him", and then "transported him" to a psychiatric hospital AGAINST HIS WILL; and have kept him there, AGAINST HIS WILL, AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AS A FREE-BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN!!

When these "agencies" take such power, we are all in danger; every one of us, for what we may say, or write, or think, as our First Amendment Rights, bought with the Blood of our Founders, guarantees. The elected, unelected, and agency hirelings are to PROTECT our Constitutional Free Speech, and our nation, as is THEIR DUTY, but they now think However because these agencies appear to have "unlimited power" these days, and intimidate us, most Americans FEAR these agencies, because of the corruption of their OATH!! Will "I disappear" for using MY Rights of Free Speech, and by speaking my opinion, and stating what's on my mind, as this soldier did??

This guy served to Protect our Freedoms, and now he's been hijacked by unknown agencies or police. We don't even know what crime or act of insanity has been committed by this guy! They arrogantly "deemed" his guilt, and had him taken, without being charged with a crime! These "agents", and "officers" SUPPOSEDLY take an OATH to GOD and man, to Uphold, Protect, and DEFEND our Constitution, which INCLUDES our Bill of RIGHTS!! In my opinion, they have been abusing our RIGHTS, Freedom of Speech, and freedom of due process for too long; and now again in this case!! Wonder how many others have been done this way!

So, a patriotic ex-soldier/citizen doesn't have "the RIGHT" to express his opinion that so-called, "govt. officials", who are in reality, elected, unelected, or hired BUREAUCRATS, ie: Public Servants, whose JOBS are to make sure OUR FREEDOMS ARE SAFE! That is bullcrap. These buresucrats would do better to follow their Oaths, and our Laws. If they are given, or the one to give, an illegal order, it is their duty to report this crime--not do it!!

If a citizen witnesses bureaucratic wrong-doing, violating their Oath's, or our Laws, he doesn't have the RIGHT to call for their arrest? You know, there are quite a few that should have been arrested for their actions. Do I not have the "right" to demand Justice and Accountability from these "high and mighty agents, and their leaders??"

How about let's talk about REAL CRIMES against America: Witness the "Fast & Furious CRIMES" committed by the batf & the so-called "justice dept.!!" Aren't there some congressional hearings, and lawsuits brought to court against these agencies and their criminal leaders?? What about the "hot tub & heavy partying scandals" that were going on?? Didn't THESE STINKING BUREAUCRATS also take an OATH to Uphold our Constitution, and therefore our LAW OF THE LAND?? Okay, if that ain't bad enough...let's consider the "secret service scandal", where our taxpayer dollars were paying for the BUREAUCRATS WHORES, AND SEX PARTIES...Didn't THEY also "Swear an OATH to America??" Yeah, these are all bureaucrats, and all have been wasting, and abusing our Freedoms and our Taxpayer Dollars since the damned inception of these bloated, corrupt, "abc agencies!"

For one thing, these corrupt agencies, czars, wanna-be dictators, and little minions who steal from the taxpaying citizens, are NOT "the government." We the People are. Period. Read our Declaration, our Constitution, and our Bill of RIGHTS, as well as the writings of our Founders. NOWHERE do they call for, nor even imply the NEED, OR LEGALITY OF ANY of these assorted, corrupt, "abc agencies!!" Nowhere do they state that America was created, has been, or ever should be, a FILTHY "democracy", as they held "democracies" in CONTEMPT, as I do. Democracies always destroy the Freedoms of the People, and literally destroy their nations, as we are witnessing today. How many abc agencies do we have now?? How many "czars??" HOW MUCH TAXPAYER MONEY HAS BEEN STOLEN OR WASTED BY THESE DAMNEDABLE BUREAUCRATS?

What the HELL would our Founders think of the bloated abomination of a coming-fast POLICE STATE?? Would they REGRET giving their lives, losing their families, and being imprisoned, for what the nation they, with the help of THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY created?? Yes, this is HIS NATION,, that the corrupters are busily corrupting, and having a good ole' time, while abusing their OATH'S of Office!! I too say that those who violate their Oath, should be arrested and brought to Justice!! Should "I also" be dragged from my home, and imprisoned in a mental ward, for "daring" to use my Free Speech?

The farce of claiming that our soldiers are crazy, so they can't have guns, is just one more attack on our Bill of Rights. All UnConstitutional agencies should be disbanded, and defunded. The worst two are both of the "NEA'S!" They have, and are, ruining our youth.

Charge him with a TRUE charge, or let him go!!!!
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The State of Virginia passed legislation that went into effect July 1, 2012 making detention and denying rights of due process of a citizen of this state illegal. If this is indeed a detention under the NDAA, the local police violated State law.

HB 1160, the amended bill, would prevent the use of any state agency or member of the Virginia National Guard or Virginia Defense Force to participate in the unlawful detention of a citizen of Virginia by the U.S. government in violation of the state and federal constitution as set forth in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The Senate vote completed legislative action on the bill, which had already been approved by Virginia's House of Delegates where it was introduced by Delegate Bob Marshall.

Remember also, a federal judge has enjoined the Obama administration from detaining a US citizen on US soil. The judge is in the process now of verifying whether or not Obama is honoring the injunction. The Obama administration is dragging its feet, no surprise there.

Judge Forrest concluded that the Section “…failed to ‘pass Constitutional muster’ because its broad language could be used to quash political dissent.” In a statement clearly directed to lawmakers, she added, ”Section 1021 tries to do too much with too little – it lacks the minimal requirements of definition and scienter that could easily have been added, or could be added, to allow it to pass constitutional muster.” That is, Congress failed—perhaps deliberately– to define “substantial support” of terrorist groups or describe those activities which might be construed as crossing the legal line.

Video getting major views, almost 200,000 now

Hope his mother is getting help selecting an attorney, setting up defense fund, etc.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Anyone STILL think I was being hysterical?

I said at this website, right after passage of the NDAA, that former military, particular those with "special skills," would be the first targeted and should "already be leaving for the field." and that ALL of us should expect the worst by "April 2013," or within three months of the presidential election. Back in late May or early June of this year, I was invited to chat, just to be laughed at because "arrests had not begun." Anyone laughing now?

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+1 "Anyone laughing now"

"Anyone laughing now ?"

Certainly not I.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


Bump for outrage... And for those of you trying to justify this, find a different forum. Or make one. May I suggest a title: "Statists are Us".


If you read his Face Book page

it is like he was baiting them to come for him, just as Pussy Riot baited Putin and the church to react. It got the girls lots of publicity for their band and their cause, and in the end made Putin look bad. This young man also wants to draw attention to issues he has about government, and hopes to draw a crowd behind him.

I think some of his language could be misconstrued as being threatening, and maybe that is the problem.

Most people are good people just trying to live their lives as best they can. Most people in government. FBI, CIA, Police Force, FEMA, and who work in banks, are good people.

So I think these FBI and Police who took the bait and came to get him are probably nice people who have to make sure he is not another MK ULTRA like James Holmes seems to be. So bad people deal in making MK ULTRA assassins, but most CIA FBI do not do this and are nice people just trying to do their job. Let us be careful of tarring all with the same brush. I bet many in FBI CIA Police ranks also see the corruption in government, and like us are concerned about the issues that affect us ALL.

Don't be so sure

If these so-called "nice people" can see the corruption and are concerned, the solution is simple. Relinquish your badge and gun and walk away.

For these types its far too easy to justify their action with "I'm just following orders."

I'm sorry, that's no excuse.

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Ron Paul friendly news: http://www.newsetal.com/

Like the rest of us they have a job and a family to feed.

Not so easy to just leave the job. If you look at his Face Book page he challenges them to come and get him! He also makes statements that could appear crazy.

Face Book is PUBLIC. What you write and display can be seen by the world. So it is not an invasion of privacy if the world sees what you write.

My problem with the entire thing is they did not read him his rights, probably did not have a warrant, and began questioning without a lawyer.

In these crazy times where people are shooting into crowds, if you say threatening things you will attract attention you may not want. In this case I think he wanted the attention and the arrest in order to get media attention, like Pussy Riot, and to have a platform for issues he wanted to be heard.

Ron Paul would tell us to speak respectfully and follow his example if you want change. RP has definitely initiated great change and drawn much attention to the issues. If you write and act crazy no one listens.

This is a test.

Boiling frogs, my friends. Boiling frogs.
The USGov does this bs, gauges public reaction, and then goes a bit further next time.
Something like this happens, and what do we do? Wait for a federal judge to ask the USGov really nicely if they wouldn't mind respecting the foundational contract of our country? Ha! Lots of luck with that! Or wait, even better – a petition! Nothing says you mean business quite like … a petition.
You want Freedom of Speech? There needs to be an irate freakin’ mob of everyday people with modern-era pitchforks outside of whatever building Brandon is being held in, demanding either (a) his release, or (b) really good evidence that he committed a crime.
Otherwise, these type of bureaucratic encroachments vaguely justified by plausible-sounding “National Security” concerns, will only get worse.
To those people saying, “wait a second, read his posts, he sounds unhinged”, great. That's his right, and as long as he isn't interferring with you, who cares? And with respect to “unhinged”: do keep in mind that in a world this insane, and in a great country which has drifted so far from it's proud roots, that is probably how the most sane among us will appear...


I hate to say it but

You are right. In one way it's great that Ron Paulers are generally young, but in another way it isn't. As a older Ron Pauler, let me tell you... THIS is how they sneak things in on us. If you aren't enraged, then you are basicly saying "its ok".


If you think this marine's comments are to harsh, then you are part of the problem. You need to lose your slave mentality.

When are you going to stop defending the slave master? When are you going to stop arguing the degree of your slavery? Probably NEVER, because you are to afraid to be truly free.

Truly Free:
As long as you don't bring harm to another individual or their property, no one on this planet has the right to tell you what to do. Nor do they have a right to one penny of your money, unless you volunteer to give it.

Humans have never been free, only delusional. So, are we going to be the ones who finally set humans free or are we going to keep defending this matrix of lies?

Natural Order

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Virginia was the first to nullify sections 1021 & 1022 - NDAA

This may be an attempt to intimidate as they picked a liberty supporter on state soil where that state's representatives and senate OVERWHELMINGLY passed into law FORBIDDING state officials to not cooperate with federal officials when they come a-knocking under NDAA guise.

If this ends up being used under the NDAA (and I pray to God it doesn't), then the Federal Government police will have broken the law as a Federal Judge has ruled it unconstitutional.

If this ends up being used under the NDAA (and again, I pray to God it doesn't), then the Chesterfield County police (and any Commonwealth of VA authorities), will have broken state law.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Just in from Brandon's mom on his support group page:

Cathleen Thomas
As it stands, I am earnestly seeking legal counsel. I have reached out to some that have been referred to me and have not heard back, here is my line 804-334-2671.

Are greatest concerns are these:
1. Can we have an independent Dr. evaluate Brandon?
2. Who will be the Judge representing him? I have asked and no one is giving me info. They are VERY uncooperative.
3. When the actual time of the hearing will be, I have been told to call at 8 am Monday morning and THEN they will let me know.

Any help with legal counsel would be appreciated, thank you!


I don't know much about the

I don't know much about the case / issue, but from what I have read so far it has to do with what he posted online... maybe a freedom of speech type issue. The ACLU & EFF might be good places for them to seek help with getting legal representation.


Always ask this question

when told someone is a terrorist - "to who"

Here is a guy who stands up for freedom. Not freedom just for him. But for his fellow citizens. He gets labelled as a freak!

But back to logic. If he cries freedom and the response is what we've just witnessed doesn't that reveal it all right before our very own eyes and ears?

Good luck fellow humans. Time to stand for freedom. Let's go help this true patriot out of prison and wake up our loved ones. I know it's bad. But don't fear them. Most of them are good people after all. Let's join forces with the good ones inside the system and go clean up this mess. You cannot convert someone who has lost his/her soul to the dark side. Look for the light instead. Peace.

If Ron Paul

professes the 'Golden Rule' at a debate before 'Christian' GOP members and gets booed for it, what does that say about where we're at now? Didn't Jefferson say something to the effect that he fears for the nation (even 200+ years ago) because God is a just God?

As far as I'm concerned, this country has lost it's way, and of course, ALWAYS declared itself in the right EVEN when wrong. Who really has domain on this Earth, and over our modern day US Christians?



Almost 83,000... and counting

I was going to mention this issue to someone I was speaking with this morning, when she raised it first. News is getting out there. Her concern was that if he was, in fact, in some psych ward, that he might be given meds - and then acting out of character as a result of the drugs, they'd then use THAT behavior to judge him by.

No doubt they aren't telling his mother when the hearing is because they don't want people - friends, family, all those concerned about our First Amendment rights, all those concerned about increasing government surveillance, and/or fellow veterans having enough advance notice to be able to be present to show their support - inside and outside that courtroom.

Dear God, dispatch angels to be there at his side. And to be with his mother as well.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

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Jumping at shadows? Or taking down opposition?

I tend to look for extremes; the answer is likely somewhere in the middle.

Is our government now jumping at shadowy boogeymen typing random thoughts on Facebook?

Or are they actively and maliciously attempting to destroy liberty through any means possible in order to keep us all slaves to the Federal Reserve?

Uh oh, now I'm on that list. (Don't kid yourself; "you have been on it a long time" / "you are inconsequential and they don't care about you because you don't know how to organize".)

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Our freedom loving Republican Delegates going to Tampa

This story should be a rallying cry to all of you representing us in Tampa - we are begging you to vote your conscience regardless - to stand up and say NO to Romney and insist that Dr. Paul be put up for nomination. I realize that Dr. Paul is not the last chance for the cause of Liberty - he has been a spark that has ignited passions for freedom in many of us, but often we cannot choose the time and place for Revolution and non-violent opposition to begin; history does that for us. We can ignore the signs of totalitarianism or we can choose to fight them at every turn. Delegates - we cannot do this for you, unfortunately it has fallen on your shoulders, as it did for our Founding Fathers. You have the support of millions who recognize the importance of your actions, and the many, many millions who will recognize you for taking a brave stand against tyranny. Take a stand and believe me we will follow.

Please "Like" Prismstop.com on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/Prismstop

Or visit us at http://www.prismstop.com to protect your whole home and mobile devices from identity thieves, hackers, government officials and other criminals.

@Prismstop on

He is no terrorist

They are trying to control the language. If they can control the language it allows for them to define all circumstances as extreme circumstances and they have already been able to gain extreme powers under circumstances we were lulled into thinking would only be 'extreme'....so it is we looked the other way and gave them power they never should have had in specific matters of 'terrorism'. Now we see them define 'terrorism' any way they want.

The 'Batman Shooter' and the 'Sikh Temple Shooter' have been disingenuously refered to as 'Domestic Terrorists' yet they can not be aptly classfied as 'Terrorists' because the violence they brought was not accompanied by any promulgations. This is a twisting of the language to fit the designs of tyranny.

Any promulgations on Facebook, whether they call for violence or not, can not be aptly classified as terrorism unless there is violence to go along with those promulgations. Ergo, Brandon Raub is not a terrorist unless we stand silent as the power of our language is stolen from us right before our very eyes.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

If he is detained past Monday

Is it possible to address cards to him at the place that he is being held? A flood of "hang in there, we're thinking of you" cards from strangers might send a message to whoever is holding him. If anyone out there finds out his jail address, please post a thread on this.

we need a Department of Constitution Security & Violation

that monitors Lawmakers/politicians around the country big & small, Democrat or Republican - like a hawk that makes speeches or appearances at gatherings, showing support for foreign governments or agents or their proxies - passing laws, financial or political support, written, verbal, media appearances or otherwise - and bring the hammer down on them like this group that arrested this Marine.

After all they have swore an Oath to the Constitution, and are automatically committing perjury when they violate that promise and should be held accountable.
Yes free head examination included.
[[ I would also like to include the media talking heads, Newspapers, publishers, educators,]] but don't think that would be necessary - because that would be violation of the first amendment and violate the spirit of the Department and the law it intents to uphold.

It can include the full length of the technology that has been developed to monitor citizens including a hotline to call.
This can be done with the huge powerful technology already in place. It could also provide citizens with a rating system.

robot999's picture

Fox watching

the hen house! No thanks.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

I'd only go for this idea if

I'd only go for this idea if Ron Paul was head of the department and also every single employee. Everyone else (including the rest of us) I would be skeptical about doing the right thing.

Every branch gets corrupt at some point... some from the get-go

What a great Idea!

Look what these people are doing: http://www.dailypaul.com/249162/watch-citizens-take-back-the...

I see no reason not to have a Citizens review board for the Constitution as well, since We the People are one side of that contract and it seems those that are supposed to represent us are too busy engaging in fascism.

Now, what would be the first step: A face book page or what? Is that system well connect? Would it gain power and reception?