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Fmr. Marine Arrested By FBI For Patriotic Facebook Posts! Share Everywhere!

Just in on the Josh Tolley Show. Interview with mom. He talked about how the Govt. lies. Was not read his rights; sent to a psych hospital.


Arrest video below:




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Bump! This needs to be on the

Bump! This needs to be on the front page. This guy is facebook friends with Michael Nystrom!

Would have been a fine opportunity

...for one of the "Officers" who are charged with "protecting and serving" us to have JUST SAID NO! I WILL NOT arrest my fellow American for exercising his rights that were bestowed upon him by HIS CREATOR...NOT THE STATE.

I don't know what his facebook page had written on it, but with all the reading I've done over the past 3 years ON LIBERTY, I'm sure many of my posts and emails contain stuff equally as condesending directed toward the State. What the hell do they expect? The financial crimes are in our face everyday. Citizens get put in cages for non-crimes and the elite can litterally get away with murder as long as they payoff the DOJ or someone else in a position of power.

Makes me ill.


"not arrested or charged with any crime" I see from the screenshot on the Tolley interview he was posting Ben Swann reporting on NDAA...
This is terrorist in nature... not the marine - but the FBI. I'll tell you what - I'm terrified.
can't wait for any and all updates, till then - front page.

I posted that very same video on my gf's fb

I don't even have a Facebook but I felt compeled to share that video.

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Arrested for writing things?

While the Congress and President violates the Supreme Law, swindles and spends the mandated retirement accounts of working Americans, and the Federal Reserve bank counterfeits the nation's dollar into destruction?

The FBI is clearly nothing but ignorant mercenaries of the criminal tyrants, used to crush the little guy speaking out, while ignoring the high crimes of their masters destroying the very nation and law they are sworn to serve.

This story is everywhere

in just a few hours. Can't wait to see the real view numbers on youtube tomorrow.

Justice for Raub Brandon - Facebook page


embed videos and put on front page

This needs to be on the front page. This guy's post was about the federal reserve, income tax, 9/11, war, and many other subjects and he was arrested for this. These are the things this site reports on daily! If this becomes the new normal this whole site is at risk and all its members are at risk!

You are absolutely right

If anyone hasn't read the Missouri Information Analysis Report issued in February, 2009, find a copy and read it. A right wing extremist is former military, check, supporter of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin or Bob Barr, check, talks about the Constitution, check, is anti-Federal Reserve, check, anti-government rhetoric, check.

This report was written in cooperation with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

We need to drudge bomb this now!!


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This Patriot needs a lawyer...


Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

Lindsey Graham said "SHUT UP!"

"And when they say 'I want my lawyer' you tell them SHUT UP!"

Sen. Lindsey Graham on the NDAA, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens.


Official confirmation

that the government and the people are now mortal enemies.

Don't ever use chat rooms.

It is a place where FEDS lurk and set up people...especially on sites like Daily Paul, prepper and Libertarian sites.

He's probably being medicated against his will.

A manchurian candidate is in the works (someone else) and they'll point to his facebook posts and patriotism as red flags.

Looking at his facebook & I don't see anything different from MY

postings!...or any of my other Ron Paul friends postings.


Post the link to his other

Post the link to his other profile.

Thanks, I just did.

More assertive, but not enough to be taken to a mental hospital in handcuffs.

I didn't see anything that

I didn't see anything that was more assertive than what I post. Maybe they took some of the posts down?



i would say some of his language is a bit over the top

'I am standing against a great evil. I will do it all by myself if I have to.' Should he have been whisked away against his will? I am not sure it reaches the bar for that and am certainly interested in hearing others' views regarding his posts here: https://www.facebook.com/brandon.raub?sk=wall

Over the top for you...

....but not over the top to warrant being handcuffed and hauled out of his house.

That's the problem here.

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It's a very positive, wonderful Facebook page

This is a dire situation.

i hardly call this positive or wonderful

There are two different FB pages for Raub, one of which he left up but left dormant, while starting the other one. He supports Ron Paul, the Constitution and liberty - all to the good. But I think it hardly surprising, with the state of mental health of so many who come back from active duty overseas, for authorities to want to take a closer look to see if somebody needs help, with language such as this:

Brandon J Raub: 'Sharpen up my axe; I'm here to sever heads.'


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We already have the largest prison population

of any nation, the most people on drugs to subdue them, the most people suffering PTSD, the largest military invading the most countries of any other, while provoking more enemies daily -- all of this caused by the very political class you now would approve spying on Americans and monitoring their personal statements and arresting them or committing them for psychiatric evaluation if they are not deemed by minions of the overlords to be tame and "well adjusted" enough to this evil system?

Why are politicians never held accountable for the horrific problems they create but instead are granted ever more power to compound their own mischief?

Well then....

.....why isn't Stephen King being handcuffed and hauled away? He writes some pretty messed up stuff. More than about sharpening an axe and severing heads.

Who did he threaten? So it is suspicious someone would put those words in that order?

I guess we better not say "Some heads need to roll" any more. Might show we are unstable.

Those are lyrics to a


for posting the link to the lyrics