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Maine Delegates Ask Courts for an Injunction!

BELFAST — The battle over whether Maine Republican Party delegates who support Congressman Ron Paul should be allowed to participate in the Republican National Convention in Tampa moved to the courts Friday.

Friday delegates Stavros Mendros, Brent Tweed and Matthew Mcdonald filed a request for an injunction with Belfast Superior Court.

It asks that the court rule against the Republican National Committee and stop its process of investigating whether 21 Paul delegates from Maine were elected legally during the party's state convention in Maine.



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Denise B's picture


This is great news! It forces the court to hear and rule on the issue right away. :)

belfast maine ..

where are all the ron paul supporters from this area ????? perhaps it is the old saying " the better part of valor is "

right here baby!

and I had not heard about it from Matt.

I need to talk to this guy to keep me in the loop. :)

Ron Paul is My President

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Does anyone know if it is

Does anyone know if it is official that judge Carter ruled that the delegates can vote their conscience? Or is this still pending?

Completely my ignorance...

But the challenges in which Staples and Clanchette are claiming illegal votes blah blah. We have video evidence in many more states than what we know we won. Just for sake of firing back why aren't we filing to disqualify many of the Romney won states. If nothing else it would force them to scramble like try are doing to us!


here's to a magical night at the convention! =]

Yup, this was just on the

Yup, this was just on the local 6 o' clock news. People are getting informed!

national or your local news?


Sorry about the late

Sorry about the late response. It was the local Portland news, which I believe is seen statewide.



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Support for all delegates. What an event of

a lifetime!