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An open letter/video to Veterans For Ron Paul - Note (4 vids)

Blackmail or intimidation have NEVER worked against Dr. Paul, OR ANY TRUE PATRIOT for that matter. If Ron Paul didn't exist, would you not WANT to march??? If you won't do it for Ron Paul, then for Christ's sakes DO IT FOR YOUR COUNTRY, ITS FUTURE, YOUR CHILDREN, AND THEIR FUTURE! Remember the oath you took! Don't think of it as march FOR PAUL, but as marching for LIBERTY!

vid 1:

In short, remember WHY it is you are doing this and for WHO. Hint: It's NOT Ron Paul. Think about our KIA and our brothers and sisters suffering and taking their own lives from PTSD. Look at the BIG PICTURE and please don't be fooled by a different agenda - you're better than that. Don't lose sight of the real mission:
vid 2:

vid 3:

vid 4:

As you stated yourself, FOR LIBERTY!

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Can we get a HUA!!!! Fall in

Can we get a HUA!!!! Fall in and sound off!



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me too : )


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me three!

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