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Jordan Page at Iowa Liberty Fest Registration now LIVE

******Registration is now Live for Jordan Page's performance at Iowa Liberty Fest ****

This is a great opportunity for us in the Liberty movement to come together, celebrate our successes, and share our vision for a better future. We are calling it Iowa Liberty Fest.

I am excited to announce that Jordan Page (who played for Ron Paul during the 2011 Ames Straw Poll) will be holding a free concert on Saturday, September 22 at the historic Band Shell Park in Hampton.

Liberty Iowa is a proud sponsor of this event, as well as the opening act by Cirrus Minor featuring Iowa House Liberty Candidate, Joe Corbin.

To plan for this event and for you to secure preferred early seating, please pre-register

Registration link:

Link to Special message by Mayor Shawn Dietz:

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Love to Jordan and Liberty Fest