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2016 - The Movie: Obama's demise? Breitbart review

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It will be watered down B.S

otherwise Fox News/Neocon radio would not be pushing this movie so hard. Do you really think this movie will expose the true power structure? I'ts just going to be reverse psych/double-think to throw a bone to the Fox news/Obama bashing porn that so many people are caught up in. All while solidifying to his leftist base that he is actually against the status quo...It's the same affect when Neocon talk radio says something like "Obama's weak on the war on terror" That does 2 things: 1. Get's the Fox News watchers that wargasm up in a tizzy, and 2. Makes his left/liberal base think "see, Obama isn't really like Bush, and he's actually trying at least"...all the while, Obama is working for the same people as Bush and is even a bigger war-mongerer. Sophisticated propaganda.

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