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Looking for Livestream Broadcasters at the RNC

Do you have a smartphone? Will you be going to the RNC? Want to broadcast what you see there? A couple other liberty-minded people and I have created a webpage which will list the links of anyone who wants to broadcast. This page will serve as a hub where any broadcaster can list their broadcast, and any viewer can watch any broadcast they wish, unedited and honest. We (the page adminstrators) want to bypass the biased MainStream Media (MSM) and show what is really happening in Tampa. We are looking for broadcasters now, and will be looking for viewers starting very soon!!!! "Like" the Facebook page and we will notify you when the broadcasts begin next week.​livestreamtamparnc​index.php/live-shows/​rnc-streams

1.Assess your data package (Tampa wifi may be available)
2.Make sure you have a good battery and/or power pack.
3.Create your account at
4.Send us your account link.
5.Optional - Give us a short description of where you plan to broadcast or what your specialty is. Examples: Inside the RNC, Outside the RNC, Paul Fest, Delegate Interviews, etc.

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I won't be there, but I will send you all the links that pop up

Keep your eye open on Daily Paul and I will keep mine open on my twitter feed.

No offense but.............I don't think it is wise to share

this information on this forum.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

He lives abroad and wants to watch

the convention as it happens.

Please elaborate

Please elaborate.

What do you think of this?