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Ron Paul delegates intend to advance 'movement' at GOP convention

WASHINGTON • They survived a wild GOP caucus in St. Charles County complete with arrests and then came away from the state convention with fewer delegates than expected.

They've watched slates of their allies in other states treated unfairly, as they see it, by the Republican establishment.

Now, Missouri delegates for Ron Paul, the libertarian GOP congressman from Texas and unsuccessful GOP presidential candidate, are headed to the Republican National Convention in Tampa this month looking beyond electoral politics.

The prospect of Paul getting nominated from the convention floor diminished this summer when it became unlikely that he would hold a plurality of delegates in five states, the threshold for nomination under party rules.

In June, a Republican National Committee panel dismissed Paul's challenge to a Louisiana delegation chosen by party regulars. Next week, the RNC's Committee on Contests is expected to rule on several cases, including the fate of 21 delegates claimed by Paul after they took control of the Maine GOP convention.

Jesse Benton, Paul's national campaign chairman, said by email Paul would be pressing challenges about his delegates from Oregon and Massachusetts, as well from Louisiana and Maine.


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