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Liberty Candidate "Mad Dash" From Odessa To Nashville To Dallas

Fort Worth – Just a short time after celebrating their placement on the notoriously difficult Oklahoma ballot the Gary Johnson campaign faced another ballot access hurdle: Tennessee.

Tennessee doesn’t have a high threshold or burdensome geographical requirements. Though it does require the candidate to sign and notarize several petition pages, the Volunteer State requires only 275 certified signatures. The state tossed out enough signatures to make Johnson’s campaign 71 signatures short of qualifying for the ballot.

During Tuesday’s campaign events in Odessa the campaign was alerted to the problem. Johnson’s scheduled tour through Texas left yesterday as the only day that they could have resolved their Tennessee dilemma.

All Odessa to Dallas flights, including Johnson’s, were canceled due to weather, leaving the campaign with no choice but to drive the 330 miles to DFW Airport overnight.

“I challenged the speed limit laws but I didn’t break a hundred,” said Johnson’s Southwestern advance, Tom Mahon. They left Odessa around 2:45am, arriving at the airport about an hour before Johnson’s hastily scheduled 8:30am flight.


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