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RNC: Ron Paul delegates not welcome in Tampa. According to Doug Wead.

And now we are supposed to be like lap dogs and tow the party line.

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Well it's good to hear the

Well it's good to hear the campaign might have finally grown a pair. Better late than never.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Doug, you said:

"So if the establishment wants a fight in Tampa, rest assured we’re going to give them one."

I look forward to that, and I will be praying very hard for you and the good doctor!!

Thank-you for supporting us. We spent so much time and money, and airline tIckets, and motels, it's unbelievable these people could be so cruel.

So much contradiction, please don't vote this article up

I thought there was a tribute video going to be shown? Theres so much falsities and contradictions coming from Lew Rockwell and the crew, RT, etc. Just wait and see.

What did you expect...

If your naive then perhaps this isn't for you...